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Video Game Prezi

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julien jayasinghe

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Video Game Prezi

Timeline Video Games 1947 2012 2000 1995 May December 1994: The Playstation was supposed to be CD add-on for the Super Nintendo, but Sony decided to make it into its own system due to licensing problems. October 26, 2000: The Playstation 2 was the first system to have better graphic capability than a PC May 11-13, 1995: The very first E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) was held 1967-1972
Magnovox Odyssey
Was the first commercial video game console created. It was made to work on a standard Television set.
It is important because it set the ideal of home console video gaming and created the commercial video gaming console genre. 1972
Was the first commercial successful arcade game in the market. Originally designed as a training exercise, it was a mini tennis game and easier to play than the Computer Space arcade game, leading to its commercial success. It also launched the video gaming arcade industry technically, showing there could be some commercial success from gaming. 1977:
Earliest Video Game crash
Caused by Pong clones which flooded the market, ruining the industry and causing Pong and the Magnovok Odyssey to receive losses. Significant because it showed how troublesome clones of gaming and lower quality gaming can be. 1973-October 1978:
Atari Football was set to be released in 1973 but was delayed for 5 years due to the inability to scroll. This has become the first game to utilize scrolling. This is a significant event because it gave the base for all the current side-scrolling games in the market today. 1981:
First Gaming Magazine
Arnie Katz and Bill Kunkel publish Electronic Games, which predominantly featured articles referring to gaming companies, ways to play games and about the systems themselves. This is significant because it is the first to show gaming in a magazine 1982: Coleco Vision
Coleco Vision is released, made by Coleco to compete with Atari and the other clones. What set it apart is that it featured a computer processor, 1985: Famicon/Nintendo Entertainment system
After great success from their Japanese Arcade games, the Nintendo company founded by Shiguru Miyamoto, creates the Famicom, or the Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo’s first home console and was the starting trademark for the company. It was a soaring success all over the world, helped revive gaming from the video game crash and set the basis for video gaming there on. 1985 Super Mario Bros.
The tituar video game was created as an adventure side scroller, involving controlling “Mario” and using him to traverse the Mushroom kingdom, beating enemies before rescuing the princess. It became the best selling game of the gaming generation and also the best seller of the NES and of all time before being beat by Nintendo very own Wii Sports and became the first bundled game of the system and is part of what made Nintendo worldwide famous. August 1989: Nintendo Game boy
Nintendo releases their Nintendo Game boy, the first of Nintendos long line of portable gaming handheld devices, releasing groundsmashing popular games. Nintendo’s Game Boy is the world’s most successful gaming system ever. 100 million+ units were sold. 1992 Mortal Kombat/ERSB
One of the best selling gaming franchises for Sega Genesis, it became famous for its detailed 16-bit graphic use of blood and gore between the fighters and its use of Fatalities. It also is one of the main reasons the Senate had Sega introduce the ERSB, the current rating system for all games. It dictated what games were for which age system. Mortal Kombat also was the first to receive Mature. 1992 Wolfenstein 3D
An immersive 3-D first person shooter made on the computer, it helped popularize the computer’s industry of gaming and also set the stepping stone for first person shooters to come. 1995 Sony Playstation
The First console made by Sony, another Japanese electronics company, it predominately featured disk based technology and also became the first gaming console to reach 100 million shipped. 1996 Pokemon Red and Green
A roleplaying game where the player would capture monsters named Pokemon and use them to fight other NPC’s. It became the second best selling franchise for Nintendo and also an insanely big trademark, starting a successful anime, and trading card franchise. 1999 Everquest
A MMORPG fantasy game made by Sony entertainment for the PC, it has become a very popular game, and also has much controversy due to its similarities to the worlds economy and additive qualities. 2004, Nov 23 World of Warcraft
This MMORPG(massively multiplayer online roleplaying online game), released to continue the events of Blizzards quite successful Warcraft III, was an open ended world where players could control an avatar and use him/her to play in the game, do quests and fight monsters, interacting with a huge playerbase online. It now retains the world’s most popular MMORPG and also the best selling MMORPG to date. November 22, 1997:
Video game Death
Noah Wilson was killed by his friend Yancy due to his addiction to Mortal Kombat. Yancy said he was performing a finishing move on Noah. This is significant because it is one of the first public scenes of a killing due to the violence regarding Playstation 2:October 26, 2000:
The Playstation 2 was released, the first video game system to have better graphic capability than a PC.
The sequel to Sony’s very popular Playstation, it featured boasting 3D graphics on a tv for the time and very popular games, it ends being the best selling video game console of all time, selling 154.4 million units, while having a massive 10,280 titles available for the console 1997 Grand Theft Auto
An open ended action adventure game developed by Rockstar and playable on the PC and Playstation, allows the player to control a criminal patroling the venue featured in the game
It created great controversy for its several glitches and hacks, its use of prostitutes and law breakin as well as the Hot Coffee incident; allowing the player to engage in virtual coitus despite a game registered Mature Feb 25, 2011 Nintendo 3DS
The Next generation handheld released after the commercial successful Nintendo DS, it is the first of portable gaming interfaces to feature no-glasses 3D LCD, immersing the user in truly 3D graphics. 1971
Computer Space:
Was the first commercial video game arcade console created for the market. It worked with a coin operation and gameplay involved controlling a rocket ship which had to evade flying saucers and at the same time fire missiles to destroy those saucers, controlled by a rotational buttons and a thruster. Jan 25 , 1947
Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device:
Was the first ever patented “video game”, which involved recording and controling a CRT beam with knobs which can influence the trajetory of the CRT beam (which appears as a dot) as it tries to fire at a simulated airplane. May 11-13, 1995: The very first E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) was held, showcasing first exclusively Sony and Sega, grown to become an annual show case of present and future video game 1988 Sega Genesis
To be able to compete with Nintendo and Atari, Sega releases their own at-home Console, the Sega genesis. It primary directive was for it to deliever a more arcade experience than the NES and featured more sport games than Nintendo. It was also the first 16-bit console of the time. 2004, Nov 21 Nintendo DS
Another handheld game console created by Nintendo, what lead to its innovation is the fact it features 2 LCD screens as well as the bottom screen incorporating touch technology, built in microphone, and also Wi-fi capabilities. It also became the best selling handheld, and the second best selling gaming console, beaten by Sony’s Playstation 2. Xbox 360 - November 21, 2005.
It was the first high-profile system in the seventh generation of video game systems. It was named the 6th best gaming system of all time. It is very popular because it was the first to be released compared to the Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. It also was popular because of the exclusive to Xbox series, Halo. When halo 3 came out, sales average had more than doubled than before. This is also the successor to the successful Xbox system. Nintendo Wii-Nov 19, 2006
– A video game system in the seventh generation of video game consoles. It is the first system to utilize motion controls. This is the most successful system in the generation. It was name the 10th best gaming system of all time. It is geared towards the entire family thus making popular among families. In 2007, the Wii was the second best-selling game console (Nintendo DS was best) in the US. Wii U –April 2012
This is the successor of the Wii. It is the first system to be considered an eighth generation system. This is the first controller to allow the player to continue their game without the TV. The Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii games. It also features a mini controller with a screen that adapts with the game played on the TV screen. Skyrim – Nov 11, 2011
Is a video game that gained universal appreciation. It was stated to be one of the best games of all time. People praised its non-linear game play, character development, and the vast land to cover in this game. Skyrim is one of the most-played games on Steam. Playstation 3 – November 17, 2006
A video game system that was released by Sony to be the successor of the PS2 . It is part of “The Big 3” in the seventh generation. . It is also the first system to feature handheld compatibility with the PSP and Blu-Ray technolology. It was named the 15th best gaming system of all time. It also featured PSN, a network of gaming for the Playstation community Wii sports-Nov 2006
Created as a launch title of the Wii, it took complete advantage of the interactivity and the motion controls of the new system and allowed the user the closest simulation of sports yet, it became the best selling game of all time Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2-February 2009
A first person shooter made by Activision created for the PS3 and Xbox 360, it closely simulates warfare and military in a game peripheral. It has been used to train Army and Marine solidiers, as well as becoming the second best selling game Xbox 360 Kinect-Nov 2010
An innovative add on for the Xbox 360, it featured an motion sensing camera device that can register the gamers body and thus allow a completely movement based gaming method By Julien and Malcolm 1974
Maze Wars
Was the first First-person-shooter of its kind, made as an arcade game, and was highly innovated. It was also the first 3D first person shooter, seeing the playing field in 3D perspective as they walked around, popularized the use of avatars; the “enemies” of the game were other people, as seen as eyeballs, network play; being the first to use peer-to-peer gaming unless other games of its time, which involved minicomputers or mini-mainframes. Extra tidbits-
Angry Birds-2009
A strategy puzzle game created by Rovio Entertainment for the iOS, it stemed popularity with its easy at first controls and quickly challenging levels, before becoming the most sold game on the iOS Thanks for watching, you may now return to your
regularily scheduled MMORPG's
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