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Orion Nebula

No description

ricky farasy

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Orion Nebula

Orion Nebula The Orion Nebula is 24 light years across and 60 light years in diameter. The Orion Nebula is 1300 light years away from Earth. Like other nebulas
the orion nebula can create many stars and planets with the gases and dust its made out of . Basically, it makes solar systems. The Orion Nebula was possibly discovered
in 1610 by Nicholas-Claude Fabri de Peirsec.
Independently found by Johann Baptist Cysatus
in 1611. The orion nebula is a big cloud of
dust particles and gases in space. Sites used:
There are 8 star clusters associated with the nebluae in the Orion region.
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