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Globalization Of Food In China

No description

Dajahnae Gilyard

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Globalization Of Food In China

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Affect of Globalization of fast food in China Fast food restaurant like McDonald's, KFC and Burger King have invaded China!

With their expansion into other Global Markets they have brought their fast food culture

Before they entered these new markets, the average Chinese citizens was very healthy.

This is no longer the case, heart disease and obesity are becoming a big problem in China
in this year china fast food
decrease fast food china
This is the beginning of fast food in china This is a photograph of a o besity baby
and the parents have been giving
not healthy food to him.This has
not just not been afecting babies but
on adults and teenager. but the problem is not just fast food health problem but also pollution
after fast food in china You see but this is not just happening in china but also around the world. Globalization has a bad side and a good side. Now you know what decision to make. SOLUTIONS... 1.Stop Pollution
2.put trashcans' in neghiborhood
3.take out some calories
4.Add more obesity camps Did you know there was a bad side to globalization too? Before globalization in China, it was a very healthy place. Since the introduction of fast food chains to China, the lifespan of their people has started to get shorter. They suffer from the same health problems as Americans do: heart disease, high cholesteral, obesity and diabetes.
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