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Thursday 11/13/14

No description

Amy Swanson

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Thursday 11/13/14

Be sure to include today's date: 11/13/14 and be sure to copy the quote and author accurately and completely. Finally, write a thoughtful response.
Take a look at the following sentences. Identify INDEPENDENT and SUBORDINATE clauses...
Independent and Subordinate Clauses
Remember, an independent clause: 1) has a subject, 2) has a predicate and 3) can stand alone, or, is a complete thought.

A subordinate clause: 1) has a subject 2) has a predicate and 3) CANNOT stand alone, or, is an incomplete thought.
Do Now:
All stories must be turned in today! Please make sure that you put your name(s) on them before you hand them in. I will pull names to share stories and videos with the class. Stories will be scored using the rubric provided in the packet you received when we started the assignment.
This was a little experimental, actually. I'm not sure how the videos will have turned out. I think because of our voice-recording software and hardware, the voice-overs were difficult to accompl
While you are observing others' stories...
You know how teachers always make you write something while you're watching other presentations? This is because we fear that if we don't give you something to write that you know will be graded, you won't be polite and respectful and pay attention to your classmates. Let's prove that stereotype wrong. If you can be polite and respectful during people's stories and videos, I will not require you to write a response to each one.
Quick Write
Write for ten minutes about PARENTS and FAIRNESS. Are parents fair? Do they treat their children equally? Are they fair? Should they be? CAN they be? Choose any or all or none of these questions. Think about your own experiences, those you've observed, or those you've seen in books or movies.
Anticipation Guide
On your own, write down a response to each of these questions. We will then have a "Table For.." discussion of each question.

A "Table for" discussion works like this: I will call out "Question one, Table for Four!!" Then, you will organize yourself (standing) into a group of four people and discuss question one. Next, when time is up, I will say something like "Question two, table for Three!!" At this time, you will organize yourself into a group of three- the trick is that you cannot be with any more than one person you talked with in the previous group.
Stories and Videos
Thursday 11/13/14
"Admiration is a very short-lived passion, that immediately decays upon growing familiar with its object."
-Joseph Addison
1. Gillian cried all night because her invention of the edible shoe didn't win at the science fair.

2. When the rain froze, it created a skating pond for the unusually agile squirrels.

3. We will never get there if you keep asking me to stop to look at interesting clouds.

4. Deadly snakes are very cute but they shouldn't be kept as pets.

5. The convenience store was closed so we couldn't get our candy bars.
Detective Stories and Animoto
So, today we will wrap up our stories and share them, in addition to sharing our video "trailers." Here's what you should include in your trailer:
1. images that complement your story
2. Text slides that build suspense and anticipation about your story.
3. Music that builds suspense and anticipation about your story.
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