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No description

maureen felix

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Flight

Flight The Four forces of flight are..... Lift Thrust Gravity/Weight This a video about flight This presentation is all about flight and what I have learned Lift means a force that causes something to rise,or overcome the force of gravity. A force that slows you down and resists motion. Gravity,Lift,Drag and Thrust. The force that pushes any animal or object forward. On airport 4 it wold have work but it ripped on airport 1 one but if we went to airport 4 first it have touch the roof A force that attracts all objects on Earth toward the ground ;results from masses being attracted to other masses. Airport 4 These are the things that i learned about the airplanes we tested Airport one The first plane was not working well because it was a little broken. The next one went half way through the ramp. The last plane almost went down the ramp. Fun Facts Airport 2 The first plane did a loop and fell The second loop did a loop and fell The last plane had done a loop and fell front first Airport 3 Drag first one was hard to control. The second plane it was a little hard to control. The last plane was very easy to control. The first plane want half way to the ceiling The second plane went half way The last one had almost went to the roof but had not made it This is the end of my presentation i hoped you liked it and this is a documentary of how a plane fly's lif By Maureen Felix This is the end of my flight presentation t,drag,thrust,gravity The HERE WE ARE WORKING TOGETHER
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