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The White Giraffe

No description

Ashley B

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of The White Giraffe

Written By: Lauren St. John

E. Falling Action
Falling Action #1

The first falling action event is that Gwyn takes Martine to Grace. First, Grace cooks her food and then helps them with their problem. She tells Grace that she thinks it was Alex, the man who works for Gwyn. Grace rolled her eyes into her head and saw water. She said, "They be hungry for power, and the white giraffe is there. It won't be there for long. Pain, much pain." After, Gwyn and Martine go to the dockyards in Cape Town to find Jemmy.
C.Rising Action
Rising Action #1
Rising Action #2
Falling Action #2
Plot Mountain
A. Exposition
F. Resolution

The resolution of this book is that Martine saves the white giraffe. On their way home, many people are cheering for them as they ride by. They run into Tendai and says Gwyn is waiting for her at Sawubona. When she gets home, she has to set Jemmy free. She talks with Grace. Grace says, " This is not the end, you see. This is only the beginning."
Rising Action #5
Rising Action #3
D. Climax
B. Inciting Action/Incident
Rising Action #4
Rising Action
Falling Action
*Hampshire, England
*Sawubona Game Reserve, South Africa
Hampshire, England
This is where Martine and her parents lived surrounded by their neighbors. It is where Martine lives most of her life. The setting is around wintertime and modern day. I know this because there is an airport with planes that carry Martine to South Africa.
Sawubona Game Reserve, South Africa Sawubona is where Martine lives with her grandma. She meets friends and has many adventures like meeting the white giraffe. It is in wintertime but summer for South Africa. This is also set in modern times because Martine is driven to school in a car.

*Gwyn Thomas
Martine is 11 years old who lives in South Africa. She has many adventures like meeting her best friend, the white giraffe. She likes to visit him a lot and ride him. She doesn't like her grandma's eggs. She is a girl that thinks her own way. She thought that 2 things bad would happen and then 1 good thing would happen. She likes to go on adventures. She is a brave girl because she rides the white giraffe.
Gwyn Thomas
Gwyn Thomas is Martine's grandmother who owns the Sawubona Game Reserve. She is a strict woman because she gives Martine specific rules like don't touch, no running or shouting, no sweets, no fast food and no wasting either. She knows the secrets of Sawubona and won't tell Martine the details.

Grace is Tendai's aunt who is the "magic lady." She tells Martine that she has a gift and is a great cook. She is a smart woman able to understand the forefathers. She helps Martine with her gift and save the white giraffe in the end.
Basic Situation-
The basic situation of the story is that Martine has to move in with her grandma in South Africa because of the tragedy that killed her parents.
The inciting incident in the book was when the fire happened and her parents died. If this didn't happen, Martine wouldn't have to move to South Africa and come across some important events.
The first event was when Martine arrives in South Africa and meets Tendai and Grace. This is where Grace cooks for Martine and tells her that she has a gift. She said it can be a blessing or a curse. Martine wants to know more but Tendai says "no" and they leave.
The second event was when Martine looks out her window and sees the white giraffe. She walks into the game reserve and touched the giraffe. The giraffe saved her from the snake and she rode the white giraffe. He led her to the Secret Valley. She names him Jemmy and has a blast and then leaves.
Martine and her school go on a field trip to the Kirstenbosch Nature Study School. While she is there, she noticed that this is the setting in her dream she had earlier. First, the sky starts to become a dark gray. Martine knew what was going to happen. They found a goose and Martine wants to save it. She heated her hands, put them on the goose and it flew. Then the "popular group"is chased into the woods and with help from Ben, she tricked them to go into the compost pile.
Tendai takes Martine for breakfast when they see kudu. All of a sudden, they here a "BANG!" Alex shot the kudu and argues with Tendai. Alex is one of the people working at the reserve. Martine rushed over to help the kudu. She takes termites and puts them on the open wound and uses them as stitches. Everyone is in shock when the kudu runs away.
Martine rode Jemmy, the white giraffe, to the Secret Valley. She went into the cave. There in front of her sat Grace with bottles. She explains that her story is on the wall. She told her to trust her gift and it will keep her safe. Grace taught Martine for an hour about all of the medicines in the bag. Martine said she would keep them safe and then she leaves.
The climax of the story is that the white giraffe, Jemmy, is stolen. Martine feels that it is all her fault because she said that giraffes can hear dog whistles. She had her whistle in her locker and when she went to get it, it was gone. The next day, her grandmother comes into her room and tells her about herself and about her gift and prophecy. Then, Gwyn says she knows someone who can help her get Jemmy back.
Martine goes into the boat yards in search for the ship with Jemmy. When she gets there, she runs into the shy boy from school, Ben. Ben leads her to the ship where his dad works. Ben tricks a man and they grab the keys to the door. Once they get close to the door, Martine has to go get Jemmy herself. She unlocks the door, and finds Jemmy. Martine knows that she has to heal him. She does heal him quickly and both her and Jemmy go up the elevator to the top deck. There she sees Alex and others chase them and they jump across the deck and are finally free.
Conflict- The conflict of the book is external, character vs. character. This is the conflict because Martine has to try to keep the white giraffe safe from Alex and other poachers.
Theme- The theme of this book is bravery. I think this because Martine is brave when she rides the white giraffe. She is brave when she kept going into the game reserve at night to be with her best friend, the white giraffe. She also was brave when she went on a ship and get the white giraffe out of harm when the men on board could have caught her.
Symbol- The symbol of this book is the white giraffe. The white giraffe is the symbol because he represents loyalty to Martine. Also kind and caring for others.
The author's purpose was to entertain the readers about a girl and the white giraffe and their friendship. The author wasn't informing me about a subject and wasn't trying to make me think or feel something.
The End
By Ashley Brenner
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