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What is typography?

Drew Collins

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Typography

What is Typography?
Basic Concepts
Some are and wide, some are thin and narrow.
describes the vertical space between each line of type.
Tracking & Kerning
erning describes the space between characters.
Hierarchy and scale
-If all font was the same size, then it would be difficult to know which was the most important.
The Glossary
A visual guide to some common typography terms. 1. Bowl; 2. Stem; 3. Counter; 4. Arm; 5. Ligature; 6. Terminal; 7. Spine; 8. Ascender; 9. Apex; 10. Serif; 11. Ear; 12. Descender; 13. Crossbar; 14. Finial; 15. Ascender height; 16. Cap height; 17. X-height; 18. Baseline; 19. Descender line
Duck Dynasty uses a Copperplate Gothic for their font.
What is this Font?
1. Walt Disney
2. Star Wars
3. Canon
4. Coka-Cola
Work Cited
Typography is the style and appearance of printed matter.Typography is, quite simply, the art and technique of arranging type. It's central to the work and skills of a designer and is about much more than making the words easy to see. Typography is a combination of font, size, spacing, and color. It's like a combination of everything you see.

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Choosing a Font
Their are lot of fonts to choose from. Just because you can choose any font, doesn't mean you should. You should test different fonts before choosing the right one. Typography is grabs the human mind, makes the reader read, the viewer watch but not just glance and keeping the attention.
By: Drew Collins, Logan Krick, and Kaitlin Wiggam
Who Would Use Typography?
When and Why would you use Typography?
You would use typography for a title of a essay, movie, company or etc. Typography is what your text is like, so each thing you use it for are very different. You use typography to make your title or heading look like what your topic is about. This is needed so thatg your heading looks nothing like youer topic. For example if you have a topic of football and you have a font thats fancy, that would make any sense.
This typography has the Electro-matic text in a robot like font to simbolzie the font.
Everyone in the whole world uses typography all the time. Business are the biggest, with different kinds of fonts to make there titles unique from every other company. Students use it with projects and presentations to make there things look professional. When doing any type of presenting you use typography to make your presentation different so it stands out the way you want it to.
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