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No description

Ali Alatas

on 10 May 2018

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Transcript of ALI BLUEPRINT

Project Team:
Rich Kosinski
Neil Ratsutsky

Why Create a Blueprint
For the best efficiency we need full automation.
Want a plan that is cost-effective and where I have a handle on the numbers every year, so that budgeting becomes easier.
All employees have a total compensation statement.
I want to see a wellness program where we are being proactive and teaching our employees to be healthier so we can save money in the long-run.
Who We Are: Brio & UBA
144 Partner Firms in all 50 states, as well as the UK and Canada
Annual revenue exceeding $450 Million, making UBA the 5th largest consulting group in the country
Largest independent distribution channel representing $16.5 billion in Healthcare Premium paid annually
Over 2,000 employee’s including 17 Attorneys, 15 Actuaries, 34 HR Consultants, 4 Registered Nurses, 3 Physician, and a Compliance Officer
Access to highest level of executives at all national carriers
To Reinforce:
Desire to attract + retain top talent
Ambition to motivate and engage employees
Right employer size to build a foundation
To be focused on, secured and capitalized:
Strengthen Position in Market to attract and retain top talent
Create right communication platform surrounding benefits
Proactive renewal process
To eliminate, obstacles to overcome, problems to solve:
Lack of updated communication platform
Reactive renewal process
Limited data/benchmarking
Employees take little responsibility in employer-related risk
Mitigate risks and control long-term costs
Become educated consumers
To be focused on, secured and capitalized:
Evaluate a wellness program
Solidify compliance
Enhance HR-Technology support
Access Points
Communication+Value Perception
Education+Access Points
Communication+Value Perception
Open Enrollment Communications
Custom OE video modules with texting features
Live Open Enrollment Meetings + Webinars (English/Spanish)
Ben Admin. System
/Mobile App Capabilities
Fun & Engaging decision-making support tools(English/Spanish)
Customized Employee Benefit Booklets
Ongoing Communication Platform
PocketPal Mobile App
Mid-Year Education Meetings + Webinars
New Hire Orientation Presentations
Mid-Year Education Video Modules
Total Compensation Statements
Employee Surveys specific to benefits
National Health Plan survey
Alternate funding education(Fully Insured vs. Level-Funding vs. Self-Insured)
Stop Loss Coalition and Captive (Typically 15-20% savings/dividend eligible)
PBM Evaluation
HRA/HSA Education
Medical Claims Audit
Dependent Audit
Legal Services
ERISA Attorney
DOL Audit Compliance Package
Cobra Rights Notifications., PCORI, SPDs + Wrap Docs, etc.
Employee Handbook Review
Monthly Webinars
Compliance Alerts
401K Plan Doc Review/Fiduciary Review
HR Services
Access to HR Consultants
Local Employment Law Alerts
Salary Benchmarking
Job-Description builder
Access to 300 E-learning Employee Trainings
Director of HR Technology – Lisa Johnson
Evaluate Benefit Administration Systems
Evaluate Decision-Making Support Tools
Mobile App Capable Benefits Platform
Systems Integration
HRIS/Payroll Assessment
Legal Services
Senior Consultant
Senior Relationship Manager
Employee Advocate
Education / Access Points
Education / Access Points
Quarterly Executive Meetings
12 month Client Lifecycle
5-year Wellness Plan
Northeast Wellness Coordinator
Brio by the
How Do We Get Started
In order to engage our services a Broker Letter of Record would be required or agreed upon fee arrangement
Creating a timeline and prioritizing each action item is critical in order to execute your strategic Blueprint
Private Exchange Evaluation
Dynamic Plan Designer
Rx Audit
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