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Smoking prevelence in faculty of medicine, Tanta university

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Amr El Gohary

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Smoking prevelence in faculty of medicine, Tanta university

Smoking Prevalence and risk factors among 1st year students in faculty of medicine, Tanta university Group 2 (361-400) by: Prof. Ibrahim Kabbash
Dr.Shaimaa Said
Dr.Sanaa Abdo
Dr.Yasmine Mohamed Under supervision of : Big Smoking is problem It kills nearly six million people each year, [5 million smokers and ex smokers] and more than 600 000 passive smokers.

Unless urgent action is taken, the annual death toll could rise to more than eight million by 2030. WHO reported that about 1.3 billion people in the world smoke.

Worldwide 47.5% of men compared to 10.3% of women. blood clotting Chronic bronchitis kidney cancer yellowish teeth Infertility insulin resistance. Peptic ulcer Cardiac arrest. blood pressure Lung cancer COPD Emphysema pancreas cancer. Students Doctors Community Role model Advisor As Health care workers, what are our responsibilities towards this problem ? 15% in Finland 18% in Netherlands 13.7% in Japan 22.4% in coastal south India 15.6% in Brazil 1. Identifying prevalence of smoking among 1st year medical students.

2. Determination of risk factors of smoking. Survey Cross section Study design Methodology Date Place 9th, Dec, 2012. Biochemistry department at Tanta faculty of medicine Target population 1st year medical students cluster Study population section 4 [113 students] sample Smoking status Current smoker Ex-smoker Non smoker > 100 cigarettes
still smoking >100 cigarettes
stopped smoking 6 months ago <100 cigarettes
doesn't smoke now Tool Questionnaire Type Interview 24 items 3 sections 1. Smoking status 2. Smoking habit 3. Nicotine dependance Ethical consideration oral consent from: Head of biochemistry department
student's lecturer
study population "students" Conclusion Results Recommendations Smoking prevalence very low
most of students were non smokers. Risk factors High socioeconomic state Smoking family members Major factors in current & ex-smokers Smoking awareness campaigns.

adopting tobacco prevention programs. calculation & tabulation Statistical methods analysis Excel SPSS References World Health Organization. Chronic respiratory diseases.
B S Flynn, J K Worden, R H Secker-Walker, G J Badger, B M Geller, and M C Costanza . Am J Public Health. 1992 June; Vol.82(6): 827–834.
Siqués P, Brito J, Muñoz C, Pasten P, Zavala P, Vergara J. Institute of Health Studies, Universidad Arturo
The Lancet, Volume 374, Issue 9695, Page 1038, 26 September 2009.
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