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Create your own religion project

No description

Jennifer Skiba

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Create your own religion project

Why and how are religions created?
Purpose of Religions
1. Explain suffering
2. Explain unknown problems
3. Connect society
4. Explain strong emotional feelings
5. Provide answers & comfort
a. for a concern
b. to a problem
c. to a fear
A religion for those who love and care for their teeth.
What are 3 things you'd want to create a religion about?
Group work
1. Get with group and share brainstorms.
2. Pick one topic and a name.
10 minutes
3. Confirm with Ms. Skiba
4. Start checklist
* Followers and deity due by today

HOMEWORK: Complete your checklist
Do Now:
Think about the religion you're creating. What is one way that it is divisive and one way that it is unifying?
Do Now:
"The whole purpose of religion is to facilitate love and compassion, patience, tolerance, humility, and forgiveness." ~The Dalai Lama
After reading the Dalai Lama's quote on religion, what are some things that you have love and compassion for? That you are patient and tolerant of? That you are humble [modest or not prideful] about? Or, that you have forgiveness for?
Name of Followers:
The Tooth Fairy

1. Brush your teeth twice a day in the morning and night while praying to the Tooth Fairy.
2. Get dental cleanings every 6 months to prevent cavaties and tooth decay.
3. Floss once a day to protect from gum disease.
4. Celebrate the Festival of Teeth every February 15th.


1. Teeth are the most sacred part of the body
2. Teeth bring good luck and by worshipping the Tooth Fairy she will grant you a beautiful pearly smile for your life
3. When teeth are lost money will come your way
4. Teeth should be cared for and protected at all times
5. Our savior, Ms. Skiba, lost her teeth so that we shall have good teeth for eternity
6. Ms. Skiba is reincarnated into a human with permanent teeth
7. If you repeatedly break the Teeth Commandments then the Toothfairy will relinquish your teeth.

Sacred Symbol:
Sacred Text:
The Tooth Book
Ms. Skiba
The Big Reward:
Toothies will live a life free of cavities, tooth decay, and tooth loss. They will forever live in peace with having perfect teeth.
Gallery Walk
2. Sneakerism
3. Foodism
4. Kicks on Fire
5. 9th Order of Street Racing
6. Puertoricanism
In other words, how does your religion unite and divide people?
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