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Commercial Insurance Basics

The Why and How To Protect Your Business

Gerald Grinter

on 7 November 2017

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Transcript of Commercial Insurance Basics

Commercial Insurance
What coverage is right for you?
What does a commercial insurance cover?
What is included in this coverage?
Does anyone here have insurance for their business?
Commercial Insurance sets you apart from other businesses
There may be clients that will request proof of coverage before you can begin work or doing business with them.
What is Business Insurance (sometimes called “Commercial Insurance”)?

"Commercial insurance is insurance for a business."

It can be required get jobs, contracts and clients.
Some types of business have special insurance (i.e. taxi driver, daycare, restaurants...)
As a business owner you have a lot to lose. Insurance can protect you, your business and reputation.

Especially if you are running your business from your own home you should have commercial insurance.
Remember, you are more than your business and your business is more than you. So, protect it that way?
What type of business insurance do you have?
Where did you get it?
How much coverage did you get?
Why did you buy it?
Let's look at some insurance examples:

Catering Business
Handyperson / Contractor

Gerald Grinter /gerald@ThresholdNoshandDwell.com
Threshold, Nosh and Dwell
(p) 206.650.4342
Gerald Grinter / Threshold, Nosh and Dwell
(c) 206.650.4342
Insurance for your Business
What types of commercial insurance are there?
Commercial General Liability/CGL
Property and Equipment
Commercial Auto
Bonds and other special coverage
Why do you need insurance for your business?
What can happen when you don’t have insurance?
Replacement of property
Pay for damages.
Protect business partners.
Keeps your business going
Commercial Insurance
Why You Need It and How to Get It?
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