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Copy of Northern Highlands HS Applied Tech_Doc/Presentation Templet

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Harrison Fabris

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Northern Highlands HS Applied Tech_Doc/Presentation Templet

Cell Phone Usage Thank you for your attention! THE END About Questions Results Video on Addiction How other colleges are approaching the problem Interviewees To Educate Others By:
Andrew Ruby
Harrison Fabris
Jordan Berry
Philip Romagnoli
Jordan Kozub The main goal of our project was to see how dependent and addicted people really are to their phones. We felt that this was a good research topic because now a days, technology plays such a big role in our lives. We asked these questions in order to find out how dependent people, mostly students, really are on their cell phones.

1.) - How many times a day do you check your phone? Do you consider that normal?
2.) - Do you consider phone calls irrelevant? Why?
3.) - How many text do you send a day why txt not call?
4.) - What kind of phone do you have? Would you want a different one?
5.) - What kind of social media do you use on your phone? why?
6.) - Do you think you could go a week without your phone? Why or why not?
7.) - Do you think gender relates to phone use? Why?
8.) - Are there people you've never spoken to in person that you text? The people that we interviewed were all college students between the ages of 18 and 20. Most of them were Roger William' students that lived both on and off campus. These interviewees accounted for many different majors and studies. In order to educate others, our group has come up with the idea of posting posters around the school. We will put them all over campus to spread awareness. Students may not take the time to read these poster because they'll probably be on their phones but it's worth a shot. Also, we as a group would implement a rule towards the University saying that students should get their phones taken away if their being used in class. If it becomes a problem with that one particular student student, then deduction of merit points can be used as a punishment. Other Colleges and Universitys have certain rules and codes regarding cell phone usage. For example, if a student is caught using his/her cell phone in class then it is taken away and not returned till the end of class. Also, other Colleges and Universities are fining their students if getting caught more than once. Our interviews went well they gave us the information and data we needed to complete our project

Generally people where interested to see how much they really did rely their phones and where surprised when they found out

Alot of the results we got where what we expected to see.

However there where some awnsers we received that where not expected Demographics:
Men/Women Age Living
27/18 18 19 20 On/Off Campus
14/29/2 44/1
History PolySci Business Historical Preservation Phsyc CM
2 1 15 1 2 9
Public Realtions CJ Journalism Comm Pre-Law Pre-Med English
1 6 1 1 1 1 1
International Relations Accounting Engineer
1 1 1
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