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Window 8 Presentation by Nam Nguyen

No description

nam ba nguyen

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Window 8 Presentation by Nam Nguyen

Brief introduction of Microsoft
Window 8 commercial video
Team project
Window 8 operating system
Nam Ba Nguyen
Maria Camila
Edgar Kliusov

Team composition
Easy gestures
System-wide search
An entirely new browser
Fast and fluid
Market impacts of Window 8
Are you listening Microsoft ?
A new era of PCs
Impact of Window 8 on PC industry
Your next PC will be amazing
Impact of Window 8 on mobile industry
It used to be a two horse race-IOS and Android. Everyone else is toast.
Window 8 impact on mobile application industry
Unified Operating System
Thank you.
Window 8 commercial video
Features of window 8
Market impacts of Window 8
Q&A session
The start screen is all you
Perfect for touch
Easy to use
Safe and more private
Work well with other
Share everything
Metro interface
Honorary Mention: Keyboard Commands
Top best features of window 8
Sky Drive: any files any where
Swipe, click, tap and zoom
'' Window 8 is set to revolutionize the Operating System itself ''
Snap view for multitasking
Microsoft story
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