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Health Sciences -- BB/IS

No description

on 30 June 2017

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Transcript of Health Sciences -- BB/IS

Brenda Badgero
Who are we?
On average, what % of university students experience career indecision?
Being uncertain

Policy Analyst
Career Possibilities
10 Recent HSci Grad Outcomes
Take Action
Health Sciences Parent Orientation
Isabella Silvestre

Health Sciences Co-op Coordinator
Work Integrated Learning
Career Education Manager
Career & Volunteer Services

and questioning career choice is NORMAL
What % of mid-career professionals
are doing what they thought
they were going to do when they were 18?
Lab Technician
Health Fundraiser

Infectious Disease Worker
Wellness Coordinator
Graduate Student
Occupational Health & Safety Officer
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Be flexible with plans: expect the unexpected
Stay open-minded: take risks and try new things
Get active: career exploration is an ongoing process
Co-op Advantage
Build a network of contacts and references
Access additional resources
Help finance education
Become part of the co-op community
Benefits of Co-op
Gain a better understanding of career goals
Gain a better understanding of coursework
Develop technical and transferable skills to complement degree
Access a variety of quality positions locally, nationally and globally
Sample of HSci Co-op Employers
Career Exploration
What is Co-operative Education (Co-op)?
Integrates work experience with academic studies
Paid work terms (4, 8 or 12)
We're here to help
Do you know what career you want to pursue?
Volunteer Manager
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