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Natural Remedies

Health and Beauty Presentation

heather gilroy

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Natural Remedies

Also known as botanical medicine or herbalism.
Herbalism has been used since 3,000BC by the Chinese and Egyptians.
Plant seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers are used in herbalism.
Often herbs may be used together as the
result is more affective and may have fewer side effects. Natural Remedies Types of natural remedies Acupuncture
Beauty Remedies natural remedies What are natural remedies? Natural remedies are therapeutic or preventative health care practices.
They aim to heal or prevent illnesses without the use of harsh medicines prescribed by doctors.
Many natural remedies come from ancient traditions. Health and Beauty Presentation by Heather Gilroy 4B Acupuncture What is acupuncture? Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapeutic practice.
According to traditions our health is dependent on Qi, the bodies motivating energy.
This Qi should move smoothly along meridians (channels) which connect the interior and exterior of the body as well as the internal systems.
It is believed that when the Qi becomes blocked or disrupted illness can result.
The aim of acupuncture is to bring all systems into balance by inserting needles into meridians. What can Acupuncture Treat? Acupressure natural remedies natural remedies anxiety and depression
high blood pressure
menstrual cramps
skin problems
addiction natural remedies The most common Acupressure and Acupuncture points are
The Large Intestine: This is treated by putting pressure on the fleshy web between your thumb and forefinger.
The Liver: This is treated by putting pressure on the flesh that sits between your big toe and second toe.
The Spleen: This is treated by putting pressure on the soft bit of flesh above your inner anklebone. Acupressure was developed in China over 5,000 years ago.
It uses the same pressure points and meridians as acupuncture but instead of needles uses gentle to firm finger pressure.
Acupressure also aims to make sure meridians are not blocked and that Qi can flow freely through the body. Acupressure Acupressure and Acupuncture points. What can Acupressure treat? natural remedies Nausea
Stress and Anxiety
Back pain
Fatigue natural remedies Aromatherapy natural remedies What is Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy uses essential oils from plants for healing.
The essential oils can be inhaled or massaged into the skin.
Although scientific evidence is lacking some believe that aromatherapy works by linking the smell receptors in the nose with parts of the brain that hold memories and emotions.
Others believe that essential oils may interact with hormones or enzymes in the blood. natural remedies What can Aromatherapy treat? natural remedies Aromatherapy can be used in a wide range of places- from hospitals to spas.
Relieve pain
Improve mood
Anxiety, stress, depression
Headaches Herbal Medicine natural remedies Commonly used Herbal Medicines natural remedies Echinacea
St. Johns Wort
Evening Primrose
Milk Thistle Echinacea natural remedies May improve the body's natural immune system.
It is one of the most commonly used herbal medicines.
Studies show that it can decrease the chance of catching a cold by up to 58%
It can also shorten the duration of a cold by 1.4 days. St Johns Wort natural remedies Well known for its antidepressant effects.
It is effective in mild cases of depression and has less side effects than other antidepressants.
However it can interact with other prescriptions such as birth control pills. Gingko natural remedies Has been used for circulatory disorders and to enhance memory.
May also be effective in treating dementia.
It improves blood circulation by dilating blood vessels and reducing the stickiness of blood platelets. Valerian natural remedies Is a popular alternative to sleeping pills.
It is considered to be more gentle and safer than sleeping pills.
Has fewer side effects such as morning drowsiness. Natural Beauty
Remedies natural remedies Avocado Oil natural remedies Used to repair dry, sensitive skin. The fatty acids which it contains help to balance the skin's moisture levels.
The antioxidant vitamins A, C and E protect the skin. How it can be used: Combine it with evening primrose oil in a bottle and shake to combine. Massage it into the skin and then cover the skin in a warm facecloth for a minute. Oatmeal natural remedies Used to calm and soften skin. Contains beta glucan ,a soluble fiber that creates a thin, moisture-retaining film on the surface of the skin. Also a soothing anti-inflammatory. How it can be used: Place a handful of oats into a facecloth and tie with a rubber band. Put it into a basin of warm water and squeeze it out until the water becomes cloudy. Once cloudy splash the water onto your face and allow it to air dry. Orange natural remedies Used for dry skin on heels knees and elbows. The acid in the orange loosens dead skin cells How to use: Combine half of a fresh orange with 1/4 of a cup of granulated sugar and 1/4 of a cup of olive oil. Use the other side of the orange and spread the juice over knees, elbows and heels after this scrub these areas with the sugar mixture. Rinse off with warm water. Introduction natural remedies Conclusion Through doing my Health and Beauty project I have learnt a lot about alternative health and beauty remedies. I will take the information that I have researched on board and try to use natural remedies more in my own life.
I discovered that natural remedies are not always just about fixing a health problem but often focus on preventing health problems before they even happen.
Instead of always relying on the doctor and harsh medicines I will try more to look after my body through using some of the natural remedies featured in my presentation from now on.
I will also try and use more natural beauty treatments on my skin. The beauty treatments that I have looked at all used natural products that you can find in your kitchen. Not only are these natural beauty treatments better for your skin than other harsh treatments on the market but they are also a lot more friendly on your pocket! References natural remedies http://www.wholeliving.com/133673/natural-beauty-remedies
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