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Oranelles and their function

5 organelles

Brooke Lasher

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Oranelles and their function

Hospital Cellular Model Organelle 1. Nucleus The nucleus is the cells control center of the cell. Directing all the cells activities. The nucleus of the Hospital would be the C.E.O (Chief executive Officer) They control the whole hospital. Organelle 2. Vacuole A vacuole is a sac like structure that stores water, food, or other materials needed by the cell. They can also store waist products until the wastes are removed. In the hospital a vacuum bag is like the vacuole. It stores wastes until removed. Organelle 3. Mitochondria The mitochondria converts energy stored in food to energy the cell can use to live and function. An example of the mitochondria in a hospital is the kitchen. In the kitchen they make food from different ingredients then feed it to the people there. People need to food to live and function. Organelle 4. Cell Membrane The cell membrane controls which substances pass into and out of the cell. An example of the cell membrane in a hospital is the doors. The door lets people in and out of the hospital.
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