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McCarthy Era

No description

kelsey l

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of McCarthy Era

McCarthy Era
What role did media(newspaper, radio, and TV) play in both supporting and hurting McCarthy?
Kendall Jones & Kelsey Lefear
English 3 Turley
Who was Joseph McCarthy?
US senator form Wisconsin; Republican
Reason why "McCarthyism" exists
Made a public claim that 205 Communists infiltrated the State Department in February,1950

He used the media to help people believe what he was saying was true.
The investigations and hearings between the Army and McCarthy was broadcasted live to the public. For two months, Americans watched and listened on as McCarthy bully witnesses and called "point of order" to make crude remarks.

On March 9th,1954, the program "See it Now" broadcasted an entire episode dedicated to Joseph McCarthy
How did the media support him?
His supporters saw him as a dedicated patriot and a guardian of genuine Americanism.
Constant spotlight status for the next 2 years.



What is "McCarthyism"
public accusation of Communist sympathies. A.K.A "The Red Scare"
Sum it up
Basically he was a manipulator.
Sum it up
McCarthy showed his true colors.
What hurt him?(preview)
The show gave close-ups of what he was really about and it turned most people against him.
How did the media hurt him?
His clever accusations caused many to lose their jobs,despite the fact that he didn't make a plausible case against anyone
The show that aired on March 9th, 1954, made McCarthy look like a liar, bully,and a hypocrite by putting his words together the wrong way.
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