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Assignment 1: Map

No description

Jillian Lynch

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Assignment 1: Map

Where Farmers from Scotland, Ireland, and Holland Unite
The St. Andrews Parish Hall and the St. Andrews parish
The St. Andrews Hall was built by early settlers and used as a hospital in the War of 1812. The church itself was built later in the 1860's. It is one of the oldest stone churches in the province. The cemetery in St. Andrews West is also one of the oldest in Ontario. It is the resting place of such notables as John Sandfield MacDonald, the first Premier of Ontario, and Simon Fraser, the famous explorer.
The average day in the life of Jillian Lynch

When I was eight I was asked to create a timeline of an average Saturday. I thought it might be interesting to reflect on how I was raised in my hometown.

This would be a very typical Saturday in the winter season; eating cereal for breakfast, helping my brother with his cystic fibrosis treatments, and then heading outdoors to shovel snow.
We would then go cross-country skiing or play outdoors as my family believes in keeping physically fit so that you continue doing hard work. My mom was actually my gym teacher for six years of my life, from the second grade to the eighth grade in my Elementary school.

It was also very common for my family to visit frequently, often making visits to our Oma and Opa. All of my relatives from Holland place a huge importance on family.
At Oma and Opa's we usually drink tea, devour treats from Holland and play card games.

Card game tournaments are often held in my hometown. I remember being taught how to play simple card games as early as three years of age.

Playing card games with my family is always a go-to activity. At our massive family reunions each table has at least one deck of cards on it.
The day always finished with reading a story. The stories were usually Miss Frizzle's Chapter books or books about science.

I have always enjoyed science as well as trying out new things.
If a stranger were to visit South Glengarry they would notice that there are certain characteristics that are dominant:
-The Catholic and the Protestant faith
-Farming Culture

They may also notice that almost everyone's ancestors are from Scotland, Ireland, or Holland. There is very little variety in our races.
Along with many members of my community, I attended the church sermon every Sunday morning. I always knew that other religions existed, but I had never really spoken to anyone about their personal experiences with any faith other than that of the Catholic faith and the Protestant faith.

The church has always been a major part of my life:
I have been an altar server at the St. Andrews Church since I was seven years old.
I helped paint the church and the church hall in the summer of 2012.
I have volunteered at every community dinner since I was nine.
I have won multiple bursaries from the church for my involvement in the Catholic community including the Bravo Award, The Knights of Columbus Award, The CWL Award, and the St. Andrews Church Award.
In South Glengarry the majority of community members work on dairy farms, chicken farms or agricultural farms.
I would spend my spring and summer helping on my uncles farms, in return they would give me free meals and small amounts of money.
Assignment 1: Creative-mapping process

By: Jillian Lynch
Student Number: 213430517
In South Glengarry I was constantly asked to be involved in everything that was going on in my community because there were not enough people to fill all the required positions. At Tagwi Secondary School, I was on the student council, the athletic council, the yearbook council, as well as every sports team.

It was also very easy to gather your community together and help raise money for a worthy cause. For example "Miles For Myles With Smiles" is a walk that was organized to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis patients like my brother. One of my best friends also organized a Pulmonary Hypertension Run, which is another condition that my brother has. Our community is extremely supportive of one another and I could not think of a better place to have grown up.
The St. Andrews Swimming Pool

The St. Andrews Pool is where I spent the majority of my summer ever since I first learned how to swim. I have been a lifeguard at this pool for three years now and I know the names and the faces of every person that walks through the front gate. Our staff has competitions every summer, we separate based on the race of our ancestry "The Dutch" Vs. "The Scottish". It's a very friendly competition and all in good fun.
Although my hometown may not offer much more than vast amounts of fertile farming land, a local swimming pool, a church, a dining hall, a corner store, a daycare center, an elementary school, and a high school, we manage to live quite well.

One of my favorite quotes that I believe represents my hometown best is "Live simply so that you can simple live."
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