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U.S.A Zoo

Music Alan Walker - Spectre NoCopyRightSounds

Ni Truong

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of U.S.A Zoo

Tickets Prices
Night of the Narwhals
Kangaroo Jump
Kuddly Koala
Cheetah Chase
* Is a large marsupial
* Lives in Australia
* Eats grass, leaves, flowers, ferns, moss, and insects
* Is endangered
* Endangered by human hunting
* Baby kangaroo - joey
* Jumps high and far
* Cubs live in the mom's pouches
* Area = 2x5 = 10
* Perimeter = 2+2+5+5 = 14
* Eats between 200 to 500 grams of eucalyptic leaves each day
* Protection Status: Threatened
* Weight: 20 LBs (9 kg)
* Lives in southeastern and eastern Australia
* Endangered because of global warming
* Color of fur: Light grey to brown
* Area = 5x2 = 10
* Perimeter = 5+5+2+2 = 14
Our Company
Information about every part of our zoo.
Meet animals from all over the world!
Our Proud Founders

Kaden Nguyen and Ni Truong
The U.S.A Zoo is a unique place where people are greeted by animals from all over the world. We founded this zoo so people can learn about amazing animals that they have never seen before and have fun while doing so.

Kangaroo's Souvenirs
Kangaroo Pogostick: $20.00
Cheetah Shoes: $18.00
Koala Bracelet: $5 for 2
Elephant Binoculars: $10.00
Elephants Exploration
* Baby elephant - calf
* Live in a herd
* Good at swimming
* Eat plants
* Long nose - trunk
* Take mud baths to cool off
* Tusks made of ivory
* blasts water with trunk
* Area = 3x7 = 21
* Perimeter = 3+3+7+7 = 20
Party Penguins
Baby penguin - chick
* Fast swimmers
* Eat krill, shrimp, fish, squid and other marine creatures
* Color: Black and white
* Their predators are leopards seals, sea lions, orcas,and skuas
* The emperor penguin is the largest species of penguins
* Work better in water than land
* Area = 5x3= 15
* Perimeter = 5+5+3+3 = 16
Jaguar Jungle
* Blind when born as a cub
* Eats over 80 species of animals
* Proficient swimmer
* Endangered
* Lives in rainforest areas of South and Central America
* Baby jaguar - cub
* Only cat that doesn't roar
* Bites between the ears to penetrate the skull
* Area = 3x6 =18
* Perimeter = 3+3+6+6 = 18
Aquarium/Animals of the Sea
* There are going to be fish there
* Also a submarine ride around the exhibit
* There are also sting rays there
* You will see a kelp forest while your in the submarine ride
* You will also see the coral reef on the ride too
* You will also see lots of turtles here
* You could even see sharks there
* You could even pet the sharks(Well Trained)
* Watch an amazing water show!
Saturday Sales! 17% off on Saturday!
Reptile House/ Raining Reptiles
* Touch reptiles like iguanas!
* Ride down a huge chameleon! Changes color as you go!
* Feed your favorite reptile!
* Try out the food reptiles eat!
* We have a trial you can try!
* You can even let snakes go on your arm
* You can learn about the animals there
Water Park
* There are cool rides like a loopty loop roller coaster which blasts a bunch of water
* There is a huge water slide
* Also you can play with water guns
* You can play with its water bummer cars
* Caution: You will get wet
* You don't even need swimming clothes
* You can ride the waves at Rolling River
Shrimp Jazz
* Endangered animals.
* Their medium sized tooth is their tusk
* Live in the Tundra
* Eat squid, shrimp, Greenland halibut, and arctic cod.
* Can grow up to 2 tusks
* Also referred to as unicorns of the sea.
* Area = 7x2 = 14
* Perimeter = 7+7+2+2 = 18
This is an awesome animal!
I love living in water!
Shrimp = $6.00 a pound
Sushi = $8.00 for 8 sushi rolls
Crab = $5.50 a pound
Shrimp Costume = $10
Kaden Nguyen
Ni Truong
Follow us on twitter!
The U.S.A Zoo Is The Best Zoo In The World
We are awesome!
Like us on facebook!
We're like a new world!
1 day pass: $35 1 year pass: $240 Family Day Pass (five people): $45 Family Year Pass: $725
Ni Truong
Kaden Nguyen
* Endangered
* About 7,000-10,000 left in the wild
* World's fastest land animal
* Eats gazelles, wildebeest, and impalas
* Lives in Africa
* Predators are lions, leopards, and hyenas
* Drinks every three to four days
* Area = 3x6 = 18
* Perimeter = 3+3+6+6 = 18

The best zoo in the world
No one will beat us
* A restaurant with amazing food
* Entertainment for the whole family
* The best shrimp in town
* Good customer service
* Serves sushi and other seafood, too!
* Known for making the family have fun in a restaurant
* You can learn the way of the shrimps
* You can dress up as a shrimp
<--- Observing
^ Awesome
<--- Nice logo
^ Awesome
Copyright ©Kaden And Ni Corporation
All Rights Reserved

P.S I confirmed that
<--- Save money!
Take Pictures!
Take Pictures!
© We Are Copyrighted
= Money
Oklahoma City,

Our restrooms are clean since we clean them everyday. The soap smells very nice and that is so the customers can have a nice experience.
Jaguar Island Snacks

Churro Stick $2.50
Soda $1.00
Cinnamon Bun $2.00
Churro Pretzel $3.00
DIbs $1.50
Narwhal Reef Treats

Italian Ice $2.50
Dippin Dots $2.00
Shaved Ice $3.00
Juice $0.50
Ice Cream Sundae $2.50

Penguin's Gifts

Penguin Snow Globe $5.00
Jaguar Stuffed Animal $8.00
Narwhal T-Shirt $12.00
Elephant Hat $10.00
Koala Backpack $15.00

Koala Kafe

Pizza $3.00
Popcorn Chicken $4.50
French Fries $1.50
Chicken Stir Fry $8.00
Fried Rice $4.00
Burger $2.50
Soda $1.00
Thank You
Thank you for being here and learning about our zoo. We hope you enjoyed! - Kaden and Ni
Map Legend
Restroom =
Shrimp Jazz =
Walkways =
Snack Stands=
Gift Shop =
Water Park =
Entrance =
Exit =
Restaurant =
Night of the Narwhals =
Jaguar Jungle=
Animals At Sea=
Raining Reptiles =
Cheetah Chase=
Party Penguins=
Elephant Exploration=
Kuddly Koalas =
Kangaroo Jump =
Where our zoo is
rare all-white penguin
P.S: Some of the reptiles are gonna rain down on you

Steps to avoid getting hit by some of reptiles that are gonna rain down on you:
1. Get a umbrella at the entrance
2. Only open the umbrella when you see the sign that says "Watch Out"
3. Remember to have fun
Remember to spot animal carvings on our walkways. Also our walkways are a chameleon. We say that because the walkway changes color every 5 minutes and because they feel like scales.
What type of family is the koala in
The type of family the koala live in is called Phascolarctidae.
What family do the elephant
Elephants live in a family called Elephantidae. Also elephants live in herds.
What You Do In This Exhibit
You will get to see cheetahs racing each other.
Also you will get into a robotic cheetah and you will steer, start your engine, and boost off to race your opponent. Also you will pet cheetahs.
What We Do In This Exhibit
You will watch Narwhals do amazing tricks. Then you will go in a sumbarine shaped as a narwhal and look at narwhals under water and see how they catch their food. You will get to pet narwhals and you will get to feed a narwhal too.
What you will do at this exhibit:
You will get to see koalas. Also you will get to feed koalas.
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