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How to Make a Fish Puppet!!

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Daija Jackson

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of How to Make a Fish Puppet!!

How to Make a Fish Puppet!!
Step 1: Supplies
You will need two paper cups, two brass brads, a pair of scissors, googly eyes, and stickers. If you need to know where to get brass brads, you can go to Office Depot where they cost $3.19 for a 112 pack. Thumbtacks may work better though.

Step 2: Making the Fish Puppet.
*First of all, if your cups have rims around the tops, cut one of the rims off.
*After this, you have to poke two holes in the top of one of the cups, on opposite sides of the cup. This is the cup that still has the rim.
*You will poke two holes in the other cup, except these holes will be at the bottom.
*Put the cups together with their holes lined up.
*At this time, you will place the brass brads through the holes. *Next, fold the cup with no rim together. Cut it into a "V" shape.
*Finally, you will tape or glue the two straws to the different parts of the puppet. These will be your handles!!
Decorating the Puppet
*The first step in decorating an awesome puppet would be to use googly eyes. This will make your puppet seem alive!!!
*After you add the googly eyes, decorate the fish how you want!! Your puppet, your creativity!!
**You can even give it a tattoo! I don't care! Do what you want!!
**For finishing touches, give your fish a mouth! Add sharp teeth for a scary shark like Bruce, or a nice smile for a friendly little fish, like Nemo!!
**If you want, you can add streamers/ribbon to your puppet.
Goal: A Finished Puppet!!!
Now your puppet is finished. Have fun!!
Only cut one of the rims off.
After you cut the "V" shape, it should look like this
These are brass brads.
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