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Eurona proposal to investors- borsa bcn 17 junio 2013

No description

jaume sanpera

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Eurona proposal to investors- borsa bcn 17 junio 2013

company proposal to Investors
we are
a new way
of doing telecommunications
Eurona Telecom is a Telecom Operator focus in Wireless and Niche Markets with a 11M Euros Turnover, an EBITDA over 1,9 M Euros in 2013 and 13,1x MC/EBITDA (EWT).

Our proposal is ending 2013Y with a 20 M Euros Turnover, an EBITDA over 3,9 M Euros and 9,7x MC/EBITDA (EWT)*.

Our target is multiplying by 6x our EBITDA in 2016, up to 11,8 M Euros and a turnover of more thant 60M€, with an MC/EBITDA (EWT) of over 3x.

Eurona, after a period of consolidation (2006-2011) in the rural market, has spent the last two years growing and, at the same time, implementing all the process, systems and structure to become a complete Telecommunication Operator…the work is done.
Now we can approach any market in Telecommunications
Eurona is the unique operator positioned
in Wireless Technology, and it’s prepare to become the leader in wireless niche markets. We are expanding our market share in a very fragmented market and creating the wireless leader.

Eurona is focus in Customers and we look for the best technology, through the marketing channel and with a methodology to approach every Niche in Telecommunications.

The need for more bandwidth in both fixed and mobile markets together with in fixed a mature technology (ADSL) unable to cover the needs or a new one (FTTH) very limited geographically and in mobile a new technology (4G) with a clear shortage to cover the needs of mobile user opens a huge market opportunity

National Telecommunications Operator: Technology platform (oss/bss) and Customer Care; Economies of scale .

The Team (70 FTEs), modern, compact and compromised with our goals and principles, is prepared to lead a dynamic and agile organization to approaching high growth process in uncertainty and changing times.

Highly qualify Managing Team: focussed on Company’s values to reaching 3Y Strategic Plan. Shares Plan for the employees.

Continues improvement and empowerment of managing areas: Plan Omega

Experts in Wireless Communications: WiFi, WiMax, Cambium y Satélite (…, meanwhile pilot projects in FTTH)

Leader in Grey & White Market, in unlicensed and licenced spectrum … we already got the Licenced 3,5 Ghz

Deployed own Networking, Access and Transport network, more than 500 BS y 3,000 network elements. Lots yet to be done.

We cover more than 1,000 municipalities (Catalunya, Valencia, Andalucía, Aragón, Baleares y Galicia). Our strategic plan is covering al Spain.

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