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The cell membrane is like the security guards. The cell memb

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kyla vaughn

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of The cell membrane is like the security guards. The cell memb

Benton Harbor High School
The cell membrane is like the security guards . The cell membrane let different things leave and enter the cell just like the security guards is in charge of letting some people in and out of the building .
The cytoskeleton is like the teachers. The cytoskeleton is the framework of the cell and provides shape and structure just as the teachers do in a classroom when teaching the students.
The cytoplasm is like the students. The cytoplasm is what fills the cell just like students which fills the school and classrooms.
The nucleus is like the principle of the school. The nucleus is the control center and directs all activities to the cells just like the principle who control and runs the whole school.
The cytoskeleton is like the
The nucleolus is like the superintendent.The nucleolus is in center of the nucleus and is the real control center like the superintendent controls all the schools including the principals.
The Ribosomes are Like the copying machine / Printer. The ribosomes makes & Copy Proteins just like a copying machine makes & copies different things.
Endoplasmic Reticulum is like the hallways. The Endoplasmic Reticulum is a pathway between rough and smooth ER like the hallway at school its a pathway to get from class to class.
The mitochondria is like the power of the school such as light's, the mitochondria is a form of energy and the power of the school is like the mitochondria because of it supplies light to the school.
The Golgi apparatus is like the delivery truck the Golgi apparatus is the packaging, processing and secreting like the truck that delivery to and from the school.
The Lysosomes are like the janitors. The Lysosomes cleans up the cell like a janitor cleans up the school
Cilia/Flagella is like the rollie chairs in the classroom. Cilia/Flagella is the function of movement and the rollie chairs provide movement
The vacuole is like the trash cans. The vacuole stores stores waste and water like a trash cans which stores waste and trash.
The Cell Walls are like the walls of the classroom. The cell wall supports & protect's the cell like the wall of a classroom which holds the classroom up & protects the students from danger.
Chloroplast is like the outlets in the class. Chloroplast makes energy like the outlets in the classrooms.
The End !
Created By :
Kyla Vaughn
Keira Wofford, &
Marquez Robinson
Allante Coates
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