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Developing Body Paragraphs

ENG 103

Megan Altman

on 9 December 2018

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Transcript of Developing Body Paragraphs

Developing Body Paragraphs
A Good Paragraph...
Presents a claim and then supports or proves that claim with facts, examples and details.
Is built around one central topic or idea.
Transition Sentence
Should appear at the beginning of a paragraph
Its purpose is to make a smooth bridge from the prior paragraph to the current one.
Especially helpful when you want to change the direction of the discussion.
Topic Sentence
Should be the first sentence in a paragraph.
Announces the paragraph's subject
and makes a statement or claim that the rest of the paragraph will support or prove.
Readers want to understand the paragraph's subject quickly. They shouldn't have to guess what the paragraph is about.
Support Sentences
Appear after the topic sentence
Make up the body of the paragraph
Includes examples
or descriptions
Their purpose is to back up or help prove the topic sentence
Point Sentence
Restates or amplifies the main idea at the end of the paragraph.
Useful in long paragraphs to reinforce or restate the topic sentence of the paragraph in different words.
Paragraph Cohesion
A well-written paragraph keeps the readers' focus on one subject, idea, issue or question.
sentences in the paragraph need to help explain or prove the topic sentence.
Any sentence that doesn't is off topic, and must be deleted or moved to another paragraph.
Paragraph Length
The paragraph must be long enough to back up or prove your topic sentence.
An occasional long paragraph is fine, but be careful not to include more than one topic in each paragraph.
If you have several long paragraphs, consider breaking them into several shorter paragraphs.
An occasional short paragraph is fine, but a paragraph is too short when a writer doesn't include enough support to back up the paragraph's claim.
If you have several small paragraphs, you should either add more details or combine a few small paragraphs into one longer paragraph.
A document with most of the paragraphs approximately the same size is usually easier to read.
A paragraph shorter than 5 sentences is probably too short, and one longer than 10 sentences may be too long.
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