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Diagram Project

No description

megan mullen

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Diagram Project

Student Daughter Soccer Player As a cousin, I am expected to keep in contact with my outside family members and attend family get-togethers. Cousin Being a military child, I am expected to be able to move around easily, adapt to new surroundings, make friends easier, change schools a lot, move to new places often. Military Child Texas Resident Being a senior in highschool, it is expected of me to apply to college and for scholarships, be respectful and responsible. Seniors are also the "big and bad" kids of high school, being on top. I am expected to be mature and know where I'm going in life. Senior Neighbor Being an American, I am expected to be obnoxious, loud, full of myself, and love my country according to the Germans. Being a Dutch citizen, I am expected to speak dutch and visit Holland and my dutch family frequently. Dutch/American Different Statuses Megan Mullen My Statuses I am expected to attend class, turn my work in on time, and study for tests and quizzes I am expected to be respectful, polite,
clean my room, do chores, get along
with my siblings, and do what I'm told. Being a Texas resident, it is expected of me to love Texas because "Texas is the best state" and "everythings bigger in Texas." It is expected of me to say a pledge of allegience to the Texas flag. As a neighbor in Germany, it is expected of me to be polite to my neighbors, not play loud music, be considerate, not wash my car on the street, be quiet on sundays, and say 'Hallo' when I see my neighbors. Being a student, sister, daughter, cousin, teenager, military child, Resident of Texas, senior, neighbor, and a Dutch/American citizen are all ascribed statuses.
Being a soccer player and a friend are achieved statuses. Friend As a Friend, I am expected to be kind, honest, caring, fun, a good listener, a shoulder to lean on, a motivater, and someone to laugh with. Teenager People create different roles for teenagers. The roles are either good or bad. So me people expect teenagers to be polite, hard-working, have good manners, and organized. Others expect teenagers to be out of control, rebellious, and lazy. This is me! Being on a the soccer team, I am expected to work hard, work as a team, not give up, and be competetive. Sports teams are expected to win. Master Status I would say that being a military child is my master status. Although I was born into a military family, it has shaped me and changed my life. Being a child of a person in the military has allowed me to move to new countries and travel to innumerable places. It has allowed me to make friends easier, be more accepting, and more open to change. It has shaped my life to become what it is.
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