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Corporate Communication

sustainability and reputation in the popular fashion industry

Kelly Winters

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Corporate Communication

Index 1. Introduction
2. Corporate reputation
3. Stakeholder communication
4. Corporate branding and identity
5. Conclusion Corporate reputation Ruben Boutens
Yentl Knossenburg
Amber Zwanenburg Stakeholder communication Stakeholders; Corporate reputation essential building block in contemporary organizations
Identity corporate body seen and confirmed in eyes of other

Definition by Charles Fombrun
Definition by Christensen, Morsing and Cheney Corporate branding and identity Conclusion Introduction To what extent does corporate reputation matter in the popular fashion industry, with regards to sustainability? Creating a good reputation.
‘Walking the Talk’.
Corporations trying to be sustainable. any group or individual who can affect or who is effected by a frims objective (Edward Freemand) H&M - fashion and quality at the best price
Charity, sustainability and collections Other side of sustainability branding Corporate reputation 2005: most unethical retailer
2008: BBC documentary 'Primark on the rack'

Case study Jones, Temperley, and Lima (2010)
Primark responded via the Web
recognizes importance of solid corporate reputation current trends in stakeholder communication Example The case of Primark Is het veroordelen van openlijke geweldpleging en vernieling op Social Media wenselijk? Relevance? sustainability as the core of the company
transparency Ecolabel http://www.rapanuiclothing.com/ethical-fashion/traceability-clothing.html Discussion question Do you believe the public is concerned about sustainability or do they just believe the reputation/identity that the corporations themselves created? strategic dialogue
including customers in decision making proces
increase legitimacy and social acceptance Primark case study Fombrun and Van Riel:
"Halo" effect

simplifies shopping

strong corporate reputation matters not much advertisements
ethical trading main issue
responding to customers
her project, school projects corporate communication; framing?
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