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Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

No description

mychal nelson

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

Melinda Sordino; main protagonist, had a traumatic summer that led to her to call the cops at a party and she lost all of her friends. She is starting high school and does poorly due to her heavy secret weighing down on her. She bites her lips and nails due to her anxiety and nervousness.

One way feminism is demonstrated in this novel is through the way Melinda overcomes a patriarchy that seeks to dominate and assert power over her through the male characters. such as her male history teacher who refuses to accept his opinions are wrong and shuts down any discussion that shows so. Dominating characters include Andy Evans and her history teacher "Mr. Neck". Male characters with a good influence in her life are her partner Daniel and her art teacher Mr. Freeman, they show
Syracuse, New York
Freshman year for main character
Present day
Tense mood

Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson
Rachel B.; Melinda’s ex- best friend. She isolated Melinda after she found out about her calling 911. Her involvement with Andy Evans is what finally influences Melinda to tell what happened to her. Refers to herself as "Rachelle".
Andy Evans;
Melinda refers to him as “IT”. He is the one who assualted Melinda over the summer and caused her to call 911. he continues to harass Melinda throughout the school year.

a new girl from ohio who Melinda befriends but melinda doesn’t like her because heather is trying to be popular which melinda sees as superficial. She is a lot like andy because she wont take no for an answer.

also one of Melindas former friends who she manages to reconnect with towards the end of her school year.

External conflict
She is having a hard time in school with grades because she doesn’t show up because she is afraid of Andy and her teachers.
She has a hard time talking due to her anxiety.
Internal conflict
Melinda doesn’t know if she should tell her secret because she doesn’t know if anyone will believe her.
She doesn’t want to be friends with heather because she doesn’t like what her goals for school are (to be popular).

The word
- during the summer Melinda is not able to say no to Andy and the throughout the school year he manages to continue to harass her and she is not able to say no to his advances.
Melinda also isn’t able to say no heather so she gets roped into doing things for her such as making posters so Heather can be popular.
Melinda is finally able to say no to Heather which empowers her and then she finally says no to Andy and he gets caught.

Lip and nail
- represent Melinda’s inability to speak throughout the novel.

Tree art project- an art project in Mr. Freeman’s class that all students must to. Melinda has trouble with her because according to Mr.Freeman her doesn’t look alive enough. The progress on her tree coincides with her progress through the school year and her becoming more independent and solving her problems

Mr. Freeman; Melinda's art teacher and the only teacher whom she can look up too. he is the inly teacher she is comfortable enough with to show up to school.

Daniel; Melindas chemistry and history partner. Melinda looks up to him because he speaks up for thr right things and she admires that about him. Melinda has a crush on him and it makes her feel normal.
first person point of view
the main character, also the narrator, has a strong voice and her vocabulary represents herself throughout the novel.
critic cont...
Another way feminism is portrayed is through Melinda's mother. Her mother runs her own buisiness and is a very strong worker who deals with a lot, such as; lazy employees, an ignorant husband who barely helps her with anything, and a duaghter who is having issues that the mother does not know how to deal with. Melinda's mother works very hard and brakes the patriarchal mold the author draws attention to.
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