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Craftsmen in Medieval Times

No description

Alex Smith

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Craftsmen in Medieval Times

Daily Routines

Although we often think of pictures of large castles when we think of the Middle Ages, most craftsmen lived in small one or two room homes. (If the These homes were very crowded and usually everyone slept in the same room. In the country, the family animals, such as a cow, may also live inside the home. The home was usually dark, smoky from the fire, and uncomfortable.
Here are a few tools that were used and made by craftsmen and blacksmiths.
Craftsman during the Middle Ages did not have a lot of variety in their food. They mostly ate bread and stew. The stew would have beans, dried peas, cabbage, and other vegetables sometimes flavored with a bit of meat or bones.
Craftsmen in Medieval Times
Most craftsmen wore clothing made from heavy wool to keep them warm during the winter. The wealthy ones, however, wore much nicer clothes/equipment such as gloves and masks. Men generally wore a tunic, woolen stockings, breeches, and a cloak. Women wore a long skirt called a kirtle, an apron, woolen stockings, and a cloak.
Most craftsmen woke up very early.
Ate breakfast which consisted of bread
They didn't really have any hobbies other than working, having parties, and dancing. At the parties they would eat more fancy food than normal.
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