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Slaughterhouse 5 - Postmodern Movement

This is my ISU presentation for Grade 12

Dakota Chodan

on 30 January 2016

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Transcript of Slaughterhouse 5 - Postmodern Movement

Post M dernism . . 1960's 1970's 1965 November 1963 John F. Kennedy Wins Presidency Kennedy Assassination The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was one of the most traumatic social episodes and cultural disasters of the last century in the United States. 1964 The Civil Rights Act of 1964 The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 1962 United States and Vietnam War Sparked huge controversy against violence, war and politics Riots and Protests 1966 1967 1968 Martin Luther King
Assassination represented courage and achievement, high moral leadership, and the ability of Americans to address and overcome racial divisions Was considered a great man Kurt Vonnegut's publishes
Slaughterhouse Five Mass protest for reoccurring issues 1969 Post Modern Historical Timeline Cultural Philosophical Religion Social Major Factors of Post Modern Literature The 60's were shadowed by many social issues A major social change in the 1960's was the new freedom of speech Many people view 1964 as the "official" start of the war in Vietnam, although there was never a declaration of war Counterculture revolution Anti-war movement The rise of feminism Mass protests changed many of the governments decisions and issues regarding diversity and other issues Music Film Fashion Sports Television People wanted to explore areas of different consciousness and love The view of life was that they were made by nature, and that everything should be natural as well. The counterculture remind us that there is far more to life than clothes, hair and music A majority of the population were against materialism and capitalism. They believed that sharing was the best way to help someone out. A major philosophical view is that there was no right or wrong, everyone had their own opinion and all were accepted Postmodernism is characterized by the belief that both religion and science have failed them Neither science or religion could be trusted to provide the answers to life’s mysteries or to solve life’s perplexing problems The postmodern attitude is, “If I can feel it, if I can touch it, then it must be true” Principle Literary Focus Post modern literature focuses on themes such as: Ethnicity Death Destructiveness of War Rejection of absolute truth Consumerism Fate and Free will Slaughterhouse-Five Slaughterhouse Five can be seen as: Genre Overview a post modern, autobiography, science fiction and war drama Post modern Many of the same themes Writing style Word play Black Humor Irony Autobiography Levels of self-consciousness that autobiography, science fiction and war drama point to post modernism characters in the story Kurt Vonnegut's perspective and real emotions of his experience has a direct correlation to the Science Fiction Creation of an alien species Time travel Fourth dimension War Drama talks about the mental toll that war has on someone What war veterans had to do to cope with their lives Novel spends a lot of time contemplating war as an experience The use of the author as a character 1946 - Connections - - - ^ Literary movement to Slaughterhouse
Five Theme Genre Style of Writing __ __ __ Destructiveness of War The Blurring of Reality The Presence of Death __ __ __ Science Fiction Post modern Autobiography __ __ __ Word Play Black Humor Emphasis on Irony Kurt Vonnegut's legacy Vonnegut wrote many different works including short stories, Broadway plays, essays and novels. Two of his most famous novels are Slaughterhouse Five and Breakfast of Champions. Both works are praised for Vonnegut's unique style and strong morals. His works are not only notable for the literature but also its influence on society of the time. “Kennedy…died last night. So it goes. Martin Luther King was shot a month ago. He died, too. So it goes. Every day my Government gives me a count of corpses created by military science in Vietnam" (Vonnegut 210). “You needn't worry about bombs, by the way. Dresden is an open city. It is undefended, and contains no war industries or troop concentrations of any importance” (Vonnegut 146). ‘Welcome aboard, Mr. Pilgrim,’ said the loudspeaker. ‘Any questions?’
Billy licked his lips, thought a while, inquired at last: ‘Why me?’
‘That is a very earthling question to ask, Mr. pilgrim. Why you? Why us for that matter? Why anything? Because this moment simply is. Have you ever seen bugs trapped in amber…Well, here we are, Mr. Pilgrim, trapped in the amber of this moment. There is no why’ (Vonnegut 76-77). Matter of Opinion Steps to make a Postmodern Novel Create and clarify an idea.
Breaking the fourth wall, or referring in the story that the story is fiction, a sort of self recognition
Write out the novel in a linear fashion, if possible, and then mix it up by switching scenes around
Don't touch it for at least six weeks.
Theme and Motif play major roles in any story
Use a variety of techniques Kurt Vonnegut Jr. was born on November 11, 1922, in Indianapolis, Indiana
The son of a successful architect, Kurt Sr., and his wife, Edith Sophia
Fourth-generation German
Attended Cornell University
Enlisted in the U.S army
Became a prisoner of war and was sent to Dresden, a town in Eastern Germany
Kurt survived the fire bombing of Dresden in a cellar of a slaughterhouse Thanks For Listening !! Kurt Vonnegut There are three ways to look at Postmodernism
Theoretical Definition Postmodernism is the reaction to modernism

So to understand postmodernism from a historical view, we have to understand modernism Postmodernism Info
Experimenting with representations of reality

The early part of the 20th century

Value judgements

Many aspects are looked at and accepted as “the norm” what is modernism?
Looking deeper into the makings of architecture, thinking how it was constructed
Another perspective is to look at art, one person may believe one thing is art while the other person believes it is not at all
look at alternatives models in society for example a family Ways to look at postmodernism
Postmodern embodies skepticism towards ideas and ideals of the modern era, especially the ideas of progress, objectivity, reason certainty, and grand narratives
Postmodernism likes to point out the nature of how everything is a construction
Postmodernism comprises of a set of core ideas and key concepts that work collaboratively to shape it So what is it?
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