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3 ways to organize Language Learning Strategies (LLS)

still in progress !

Najihah Ismail

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of 3 ways to organize Language Learning Strategies (LLS)

3 Ways to categorize Language Learning Strategies (LLS)
Direct Learning
Indirect Learning
Task-Based Learning
Cognitive Strategies
The target language is manipulated or transformed by repeating, analyzing or summarizing.
There four sets in this group :
1) Practicing
2) Receiving and Sending Messages
3) Analyzing and Reasoning
4) Creating Structure for Input and Output.

Example : The words that contain 'ough' , between through, though, tough, and trough . Easier to learn in phonetics spelling .
Compensation Stategies
Learners use this strategies for comprehension of the target language when they have insufficient knowledge of the target language.

Good to use for enhance grammar and vocabulary.

1) Learning through the
2) Talk to people
Examples :
Learner learns language by associating visual images or phrases . These principle are use when learner face challenges in vocabulary learning.
Memory Strategies
Give learners to coordinate their learning. This helps them to plan language learning in an efficient way.

Three sets of strategies of this group are:
1) Centering your learning
2) Arranging and planning
your learning
3) Evaluating your learning
Metacognitive Strategies
The affective factors like emotion, attitude, motivation, and values influence learning in an important way.

Three sets of strategies are included in this group:
1)Lowering Your Anxiety
2)Encouraging Yourself
3)Taking Your Emotional Temperature.
Affective Strategies
Social strategies are very important in learning a language because language is used in communication and communication occurs between people.

Three sets of strategies included :
1)Asking Questions
2)Cooperating with others
3)Empathizing with Others
Social Stategies
Use knowledge that you already have and understand. Think about it and make use of it to help you do the task. Make association.

# To help students 'learn better', teaching agendas would have to focus systematically
(Oxford, 1990, p. 170)
Use Background Knowledge
Anticipate with the information come. Make logical guesses about what will happen.

# Identifies the specific strategy being used, and systematically provides opportunities for practice and self-evaluation
(Oxford, 1990, p.170; Wenden, 1987, p.159).
Make prediction
Use the dictionary, Online sources and reference materials.
Seek out and use sources of information and follow a model. Ask a Question !
Access Information Sources
THE END ! THANKS by Najihah
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