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Origins of the Cold War


John Coltabaugh

on 17 April 2017

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Transcript of Origins of the Cold War

Yalta Conference
Creation of the United Nations
Potsdam Conference
The Soviets move into Eastern Europe
The Iron Curtain Speech
Truman Doctrine
Conflicting Post War Goals
United States
How did the Soviets see the Postwar World?
How did Americans see the Postwar World?
Origins of the Cold War
Soviet Union
Atomic Bombs
East Germany
Satellite Nations
What if.....
What if you and your countrymen and women had just fought a destructive and devastating war where your farmlands were destroyed, your major cities burned and in ashes, military vehicles are all over the countryside, and people -- millions and millions of people (some of whom don't even want to be a part of your country!!!) are dead.
How Do YOU Think YOUR Leaders Would React?
Yalta Conference
What we did.
Joined together to
defeat Nazi Germany
Postwar Goals

Create Economic Opporuntity
Markets for U.S. Trade Goods
Post War Goals

Rebuild at any cost after losing 20 Million People
Buffer region to protect the Western border
Communist Governments around the World
The Russians are tired
of being attacked by
countries to the West!
Why is the year 1945 so critical to the modern world?
What was the fate of Germany
as a result of the Yalta Conference?
What was the fate of Poland
as a result of the Yalta Conference?
The Soviet Union agreed to form a coalition government composed of the Communist Polish Workers' Party, members of the pro-Western Polish government in exile, and members of the Polish resistance movement, as well as to allow for free elections to be held.
Communists never really held "FREE" elections.
Identify the purpose of the U.N.
What initial Actions did the U.N. take?
What was the structure of the U.N. in 1945?
What activities occurred
at the Potsdam Conference?
Hiroshima --August 6, 1945
Nagasaki -- August 9, 1945

Formal Surrender on U.S.S. Missouri --September 2, 1945
What occurred on April 12, 1945 that changed U.S. leadership?
What is the purpose of the Truman Doctrine?
From A Necessity of Cooperation To
Cold Political Competition
and Hot Military Conflicts --
A Change in U.S. Foreign Policy

The war of words
Stalin vs. Churchill
Feb. 1946
March 1946
Europe became a land of Western Democracies and Eastern Communist Satelitte Nations
A Call for World-Wide
Spread of Communism
The Competition over
Political and Economic Ideologies
The Cold War
George Kennan --
Ambassador to the Soviet Union
"The Soviet Union cannot be easily defeated or discouraged from action, and then we must... be patient, [and have] firm and vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies."
Resist Soviet Attempts
to form new Communist
Allow Communism to continue to exist where
it was established. Kennan felt that Communism
"bears within it the seeds of its own decay."
Cornerstone of
U.S. Foreign Policy
for 40 years!!!
How Did The World Look At The End of World War II?
Let's Look A Little Deeper!!!
Now I am become Death,
the destroyer of worlds.
Imagine being Robert Oppenheimer.
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