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Liam My Teacher Glows in the Dark

No description


on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Liam My Teacher Glows in the Dark

My Teacher Glows in the Dark
By: Bruce Coville
30 Vocabulary
1.Multicolored: A lot of different colors put in one place.
2.Requesting: Asking to do something.
3.Conversationalist: A person who is good at fond of engaging in conversation.
4.Drooling: Drop saliva uncontrollably from the mouth.
5.Representative: Typical of a class, group or body of opinion.
6.Minority: The smaller number or part.
7.Precautions: a measure taken in advance.
8.Destination: Somewhere you are going.
9.Displaying: Put something in public.
10.Arranged: Organize, make plans for a future event.
11.Monitoring: Observe and check the progress of something.
12.Whacked: Completely exhausted.
13.Sorrow: A feeling of deep distress.
14.Inhabitants: A person that occupies a place.
15.Hammock: A bed supported by two cords at both ends.
16.Grogginess: A dazed and straggering state.
17.Twitched: A sudden convulsive moment.
18.Extravaganza: An spectacular production
19.Landscapes: Visible features of the land.
20.Precious: Very valuable.
21.Marinated: Fish. meat or other food in a marinade.
22.Groaned: Make a sound of despair.
23.Yelped: Screaming, squeal.
24.Willingness: The quality or state of being prepared to do something.
25.Potbellied: Having a large belly.
26.Groggy: Weak or unsteady.
27.Mumbled: Say something quietly.
28.Postponed: Arrange something that can take place earlier from the first one.
29.Chamber: A large room used for public events.
30.Transcendental: Relating to a spiritual realm.

Main Character
Peter Thompson is the main character because the book mostly talks about him. He appears in every scene of the book. He is also the main character because at the beginning of the book it said some names and at the end of the names it said, and me Peter Thompson. That already tells you that Peter Thompson is the main character. There is also this part of the book that said that it is up to Peter to let the aliens destroy the world or not.
Main Character good or bad
Peter Thompson is a good main character because he helps the aliens. He helps the aliens by letting them do a brain surgery. That helps them because the aliens needed extra information about the human brain. He is also a good main character because he doesn't let the aliens destroy the earth.
The story takes place in a huge space ship. Also at earth. In the space ship there was a lot of rooms. You could choose where you could go by only pressing a few buttons. The same thing was were you would eat, you only press a few buttons and the food would appear. The eath was how it is now.
The main problem of the book was that the aliens wanted to destroy the earth. They wanted to destroy earth because they thought that when we figure out how to get to space. We would destroy there huge space ship and start a war.
The climax of the story was when the aliens did a brain surgery on Peter. Peter had a 50% chance of not surviving but he still did it. He knew that maybe he was not going to survive but he still did it.
Science Fiction book
One of the examples was that there was space ships in the book. One of them was huge, others were little. The second example was that most of the story was in space. In every science fiction book there is space. The last example was the aliens. The aliens appear most of the time in science fiction stories.
I think the characters were believable because in any science fiction story there can be any type of character. The characters were very realistic. Most of them were realistic.
Character Interview
I would like to meat Peter because he was the most interesting character. I would like to interview him. I would also like to ask some question that didn't get answered in the book.
Character I Prefer
I really liked the character Hoo-Lan because he was very little. He was also a very interesting character. His village was very weird. It was also very sad when he died.
5 important things
The first important thing was when Peter wanted to leave Earth with Broxolm. That was important because that was when he saw the huge space ship. The second important thing was when Peter met Hoo-Lan, that was important because Hoo-Lan showed Peter a lot of stuff. The third thing was when Peter met the council of the space ship. That was important because the council decides to explode earth or not. The fourth important thing was when Peter had the brain surgery. That was important because that gave the aliens a lot of information.
My opinion of the book
I really liked the book because it was an interesting book. It most of the time left you on hooks. I would really recommend this book to someone who really likes to imagine. I also liked the different aliens there was in the book.
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