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My Brother's Peculiar Chicken

No description

Charmaine Kris Banguiran

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of My Brother's Peculiar Chicken

PLOT Characters Rising Action Climax Resolution: Start : Settings : The chicken had other ideas. It began to quiver . then something round and warm dropped on to Alejandro's hand. Alejandro looked down and saw an ---- EGG. My Brother's Peculiar Chicken THEME : Kiko and Alejandro took the chicken
to the cockpit. - Early Morning
- Cornfield Kiko
Kiko and Alejandro's father and mother
Tenienteng Tasio - head of the village
Mr. Eduardo Cruz - operated a large egg farm Early one morning while Kiko and Alejandro were driving the chickens from cornfield. The corn had just been planted and the chickens were scratching the seed out for food. Suddenly they heard the rapid flapping of wings. They turned in the direction of the sound and saw the 2 chickens fighting the far end of the field. At noon they left to have their lunch. they argued about it on their way home. Then they're mother and father were arguing about the chicken . They left the house without finishing their lunch. Kiko suggested to consult the teniente. Then they went to Mr. Cruz Falling Action The Texan Scratched the ground as if were digging
agrave for its opponent.astrange thing happened. A lovesick expression came into the red rooster's eye. The chicken push the red stag with its hackefeather flaring. And the fight was over. Understanding things that are not common
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