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Lit. Circle LA project - Maze Runner

By: Eliana McComas, Sam Zerafa, and Emma Peake

Eliana M

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Lit. Circle LA project - Maze Runner

C - Character Literature Circle: The Maze Runner The story, “The Maze Runner,” takes place in a gigantic unsolved maze in the future. This maze has tons of different, strange parts to it. The maze itself consists of towering rock walls that move around and change the pattern of the maze every night. Nobody knows how big the maze really is, and even after two years of searching, they haven’t found a way out. Presented By: Eliana McComas Sam Zerafa Chapter One: Setting Emma Peake S - Setting Chuck C - Character Chuck is a... Minor Character Protagonist A Static Character Physical Characteristics Personality Traits Thomas C - Character Thomas is a... Major Character Protagonist A Dynamic Character Physical Characteristics Character Traits Newt C - Character Newt is a... Major Character Protagonist A Static Character Physical Characteristics Personality Traits Gally C - Character Gally is a... Minor Character Antagonist A Stactic Character Physical Characteristics Personality Traits Alby Alby is a... Minor Character Protagonist A Dynamic Character Physical Characteristics Character Traits Chapter Two: Characters Chapter Three: Figurative Language Chapter Four: Plot Chapter Five:Conflict Chapter Six:Theme and Resolution Bonus Chapter: Mood The Box: At the heart of the maze there is huge courtyard called the Glade. It is enclosed by a few of the huge walls that open everyday leading out to the maze, but close at night. The floor is made of huge stone blocks that are cracked with weeds growing through them. The glade is where all the people in the maze live, also know as Gladers. The glade is split in to four main sections, the Gardens, the Bloodhouse, Homestead, and the Deadheads. In the middle of the glade is a place called the box. S - Setting The Gardens: The Gardens, in the northeast corner, are where the crops are grown for eating. There are fields of vegetables and fruit trees. There is also an underground watering system because it never rains in the Glade. It stays around the same temperature all the time, not too hot or too cold. The gardens add the scent of freshly turned soil to the air. The Blood house: The Blood house, in the south east corner, is where animals are raised and slaughtered for food. There are mostly cows, pigs, and sheep. The blood house adds the smells of menuare and animals to the glade. The Homestead: Homestead is a large raggedy wooden building in the North West corner, where the Gladers sleep and house the ill. It has been added on to multiple times to account for all of the new people that arrive. You can hear the screams of the taken ("taken" is a way of saying a terrible illness in the Glade,) from inside this building. The Deadheads: The Deadheads are several sickly scraggly trees that make up a small forest in the south west corner of the Glade. The deceased Gladers are buried in the middle of the Deadheads, the grave marked by small, splintery, wooden crosses. The box is a large square hole in the ground. It is sort of an elevator system and once a week the white, cracked sliding doors open to delivers food and supplies. You can drop a note in the box asking for specific supplies and you usually get what you asked for. Once a month, always on the same day, a new person is brought out of the box. Until recently the box only brought boys to the glade. However, the day after Thomas arrives, a girl arrives with the message that she is the last, after that she falls into a coma. S - Setting S - Setting S - Setting S - Setting The Glade S - Setting Skinny
About 16 years old
About 5'9"
Brown hair Inquisitive & Curious Confused & Anxious Stubborn Thomas is inquisitive and curious because he asks the gladers a lot of questions to try and find things like where he is, why certain customs are in place, and why everyone is keeping secrets. His questions make the gladers very mad and annoyed. Thomas is confused because he doesn't know why nobody will tell him anything, and this makes him mad. He wants to know all the answers and not just have random bits of information. Not knowing these answers make him confused and anxious because he wants to just figure everything out. Thomas is very stubborn because he won't give up trying to learn all of the glader's secrets. He also doesn't want to give up his dream of becoming a runner, even though he doesn't know why he has it. Dark skinned
About 17 years old
Has short-cropped hair
Wears normal, every-day clothes Leader Orderly Alby is a leader because he has a stron, commanding personality. He may seem stearn and cold to the other gladers, but he is going through the same things that the other kids are, and just wants them to be safe, and for all of them to get back home. Alby is very orderly. He likes everything to be under his thumb and in line. When the box comes for the second day in a row, seems flustered and doesn't know what to do at first. Also, when Minho comes and tells Alby that he found a dead griever Alby is very surprised and concerned. Almost right away he starts worrying. Alby likes everything to go like clockwork. He doesn't want to get his hopes up, or his fellow Gladers in case he might disappoint them. About 15 or 16 years old
Taller than Alby
Long, blonde hair
Muscular Understanding Newt understands what Thomas is going through and is kind to him. Short
Is the youngest of the gladers at about 13 years old
Longish brown hair
Blue eyes Friendly & Hospitable Chuck tries to make Thomas feel welcome in the glade. He invites Thomas to be his friend, and isn't shy about making Thomas comfortable. Nervous Whenever Thomas asks Chuck questions Chuck doesn't know what to do. Chuck wants Thomas to be his friend, but knows what Thomas is asking him to spill is off limits. Prankster Chuck is a prankster because he isn't afraid to lighten the mood. When Thomas was down and feeling scared because of his first day, Chuck went and scared Gally, who was in the restroom. We turned in the worksheet for figurative language, but here are some examples... The Glade Tall
Pitch-Black hair
Odd-shaped nose From the beginning Gally seems to have a grudge against Thomas and was always rude to him. He said he saw Thomas during the changing. When Gally appears in the story, Thomas often refers to him as "the bully". Rude & Is A Bully Thomas is a major character because he is the main character. He is the person who the story revolves around. Thomas is a major character, he is actually the main character. He is the person who the story revolves around. Deadheads Thomas is the "good guy." He just wants to figure everything out so he, and all of the rest of the Gladers, can escape the Maze. Thomas is always changing throughout the story. We get to know his determined side, and also his kind side. Thomas also changes throughout the book because of experiences. Thomas learns many things in the glade that eventually lead to them getting out of the glade. Chuck is a minor character because he welcomes Thomas in to the glade, but then he doesn't do much for the rest of the story. He seems important in the beginning as Thomas's friend, and the one who helps Thomas get around, but as Thomas starts to find things out, and gets more involved in the maze, Chuck starts to fade away from the storyline. However he does find the "turn off maze button" in the end. Chuck is a protagonist because he tries to be Thomas's friend, and help him get around the glade. Chuck tries to be a good friend by warning Thomas about the rules, but Thomas sometimes ignores him. Chuck does not change very much throughout the story. He mainly stays as the scared, childish, "greenbean" (Meaning new person) he is. Chuck does not try to push or overstep the glader rules, like Thomas does. Instead he acts like a trusting little kid, waiting for everything to become better for him. At first Alby seems important to the story. This is because he is the leader of the gladers. Yet, in the middle of the story he gets severely hurt, and just falls out of the plot line. Newt takes his place, and becomes more important. Alby's role in the story was practically to be there as a figure head. He laid down the rules and expected everyone to follow them. Most of the more intense actions are revealed when Newt is in charge, trying to fill Alby's Role. Alby is a protagonist because he looks out for the gladers and wants what is best for them. This may sometimes come across as harsh and antagonist-like; Alby is just looking our for his fellow gladers and wants what's best for them. He did try to burn the maps, but after the Changing he was a little off. He ended up sacrificing himself to Grievers so the others could escape. His plan failed though. Alby is a dynamic character, because even though he is not a major character, he still changes. He starts off tough and strict, but then you see a kinder side of him when he goes to help others. Then you see the needy side of him; the side yearning to go home when they find a "dead" Griever. Also, after the changing (What happens when you get medicine for becoming hurt by a Griever) Alby has more memories, and treats the others differently. He also tries to prevent the escape because he would rather die then go live in the real world. Leader Newt is a major character because he is takes over Alby's role of leadership. Newt is one of the original gladers, and is kind to Thomas, and helps him for that reason. Newt is more of a main character than Alby because all of the weird things start to happen while he is in charge. For example, the sun doesn't set, and the doors don't close. Newt has to deal with the commotion that these two events created, while Alby would just make sure everything was in order, because nothing went wrong. Newt is a protagonist because he is kind to Thomas, because he understands what he's going through, and connects with him. Newt also is kind to the other Gladers. Newt is a static character, because even though he changes position from second-in-command to first, he doesn't change his personality or views very much. Newt is strong and shows his fellow gladers what to do when he is their leader. Gally does not play a very important role in this book. He is one of the keepers, the only one who has went through the changing. He saw Thomas during this time, and doesn't trust him. For this reason he bullies Thomas. Howere, he does some unexpected things, like jumping on a griever and appears again at the end of the book, but he doesn't cause super major changes. Gally does not trust Thomas because he saw Thomas during the changing. Gally is mean and cold-hearted to Thomas for this reason. We don't know what specific memories of Thomas the changing brought back for Gally, but we know for sure that those were bad ones. Also Gally tried to stab Thomas in the end of the story, but he seemed to be "controlled". Gally does not have a big part of the plot line. He is there and counter-argues all good things said of Thomas, but besides that does nothing else. He does not change in opinion throughout the book. Rising Action Falling Action Resolution Climax The resolution will be explained in Chapter Six. Are you really interested about the book now? You can find Maze Runner and it's sequels at most bookstores! #1 #2 #3 Prequel Teresa Teresa is a... Major Character Protagonist Dynamic Character Teresa's arrival to the maze really shakes up all the Glader's lives. She came in the box only 1 day after Thomas, when she should have come a whole month later if the Box kept it's schedule. She is the first girl in the glade and at first when she came she delivered a plot changing message. After this she fell in to a coma for a large portion of the book, but was able to talk to Thomas telepathically during this time and said more confusing, odd things. Once she woke up she still had the ability to talk in Thomas's mind but didn't remember much. She also claimed to have triggered the "Ending," which could be the end of the maze as we know it. She says she want's to help Thomas and she thinks they were sent to the maze to end this terrible style of life. She and Thomas supposedly helped create the maze and she wrote the words "WICKED is good," (237) on her arm. However she doesn't remember her past or why she helped build the terrible maze, so she is now just trying to help everyone escape. At first when she was found she talked in an odd unnatural voice and fell in a coma but when she woke up she was just a "normal" girl. Also she says a lot of confusing things about solving the maze but doesn't know what it means and she seems to remember a lot more than other Glader's. She doesn't really change very much, but we don't know much about her and we keep learning more. She also doesn't remember why she said all those things to Tomas when she was in her coma. Physical Characteristics Pale skin, white as pearls
About 5 ft 6
Fifteen-sixteen years old
Hair is tar black
Huge blue eyes Personality Traits Bold She talks back to Newt and other leaders. Also when she got out of her coma she kicked the guard and jumped out the window. Brave She is able to stay calm and sleep through the Griver attack and also is a new deadly environment and doesn't seem very afraid. She also stayed brave through out the Griver attack and helped shut off the maze. Mysterious She came out of no where and is the first girl. She also has weird memories and seems to know things about the glade that she wouldn't know if she didn't remember being there before. Alby warned Thomas about her. C-Character A This is what I think Thomas looks like. http://mazerunnerfandom.net/tag/dream-cast/
http://harrypotterforum.com/discussion/8179/the-maze-runner-trilogy-movie-news-director-wes-ball-has-been-chosen/p4 Thomas wakes up in "the box" and has no recollection of his past life except his first name. He was pulled out of the box and was welcomed by the Gladers, a group of about 50 teenage boys. Thomas meets Chuck, who tries to be a friend to him, but Chuck is also new so he doesn't know much about the Glade and how it works. Thomas meets Gally, who he quickly decides he doesn't like. Gally seems to dislike him too. Thomas sees the gigantic openings in the walls around the Glade close; there are four of these "doors". Thomas learns that every night the maze moves around behind the doors. Thomas has a feeling the maze is familiar and becomes calm. He tells Chuck he wants to be a runner, although he doesn't know why. Alby gives Thomas a tour of the Glade and he learns a little more. For example, the Gladers have been here for about 2 years. Another person is sent up in the box, only one day after the previous person. This is weird because only one person used to show up after each month. This was a routine habit. The person turns out to be the first girl ever in the Glade. The girl said "'Everything is going to change,'" in an odd voice, and held a note that read, "She's the last one. Ever." (57) She then fell in to a coma. Alby, the leader, doesn't know what to do. Thomas gets attacked by Ben, a person who was stung by a Griver, who claims Thomas is evil. Somehow, during the changing, he got back memories of Thomas at were bad. Alby was able to shoot him with his bow before he stabbed Thomas. Thomas has his first training session in the Blood House. All new kids, called greenbeans, in the glade have to spend one day doing each job. Minho says he saw a dead Griver in the maze, so the next day Alby and Minho went to investigate. Ben didn't die when Alby shot him and he was banished, the keepers attached him to a metal pole and set him in the maze right before the walls closed. Right before the doors close Thomas sees Alby and Minho struggling to get back, but he knows they can't make it so he runs out into the maze to help them. Thomas is able to tie Alby up high in the ivy to keep him safe. He and Minho are able to trick the Grivers in to falling off the cliff and they get back safely. They became the only three people to survive the maze all night, because Alby was stung they give him the grief serum so he goes through the changing. Thomas attends a Gathering that determines he will spend one day in jail for breaking the rule, then become a runner. During the Gathering Gally has a freak attack, tries to hurt Minho, and goes missing. Alby asks for Thomas and tries to tell him about things he saw, but then tries to strangle himself. Afterwords he claims it wasn't him controlling his body. Then Alby warns Thomas about the girl. Thomas and Newt visit the girl, and Thomas heard her talking in his head. She said her name is Teresa, and other things that freak Tomas out. Thomas goes with Minho for his first day of runner training. Theresa talks to Thomas in his head again and says, "Tom I just triggered the ending," (193). When Thomas wakes the next day he discovers the sky is completely gray and there is no sun. Also they didn't receive supplies for the week. Thomas and Minho discover a secret exit/entrance off the cliff, they call it the "Griver Hole." Theresa talks to Thomas again in his mind, and then wakes from her coma and finds him in the woods. The doors don't close when they are supposed to at night. Everyone is locked in the Homestead for protection, but the Grivers come in. Gally reappears and jumps on the griver saying something about only one person being killed a night. Someone burned map room trying to destroy the maps, but they had been hidden before the incident so they are safe. Theresa wrote "wicked is good" on her arm. They have a theory to compare the maps of each section to each other each day and they spell out the code FLOAT, CATCH, BLEED, DEATH, STIFF, PUSH. For a second night, a Griever came to kill a kid, but Thomas followed them and got stung on purpose so he could go through the changing to try and get some memories back to try to figure out what was going on. A gathering was called, Thomas said Teresa and him were telepathic and they helped create the maze, but the keepers were still convinced they should follow through Thomas's plan. The Glader's go to the cliff, where lots Grievers are waiting for them, but they are able to make a path to the "Griever Hole." Teresa, Chuck, and Thomas go through the griever hole. Teresa finds a keypad and types in the code and shuts off the maze. Only half the Glader's survived the battle but the remaining escaped and got out of the Maze. At the heart of the maze there is huge courtyard called the Glade. It is enclosed by four huge walls that open everyday leading out to the maze, but close at night. The floor is made of huge stone blocks that are cracked with weeds growing through them. The Glade is where all the people in the maze live, also know as Gladers. The glade is split in to four main sections, the Gardens, the Blood house, Homestead, and the Deadheads. There are many moods in the story Maze runner. In the beginning I was just as confused as Thomas was. When he just came out of the box, people where saying things like, "'Look at that shank,'" or, "'You're the klunk shuck-face,'" (10). I felt confused because of the new vocabulary. I felt eager to know what was going on, but still very confused, when the girl came out of the box and delivered those strange messages. When she said, "'Everything is going to change,'" (57) I was struck with wonder and at that point the mood of the story was fear and wonder of what is to come. A point in the story where I felt scared was when Teresa said, "'Tom I just triggered the ending,'" because I wasn't sure what that was, but it didn't sound like a fun happy time, (193). Skipping ahead a little, when Teresa and Thomas had an idea of how to "solve" the maze the story had more of a hopeful feeling to it. When I read, "'We hid the freaking maps in the weapons room, put dummies in their place,"' I realized the maps weren't destroyed and that Thomas's and Teresa's plan might work, and felt excited. The rest of the story had a continuous feel of hope, excitement, and a tinge of revenge. As the Glader's stood together in their makeshift army the aggression spread, "Someone cheered, and then someone else. Soon shouts and battle calls broke out, rising in volume, filling the air like thunder," (289). The Gladers made me feel hopeful and excited, even though there was a slight shadow of doom. The Maze 2nd hour Character Slides: This is how I picture Chuck. Citations Thomas and his friends make it to the Creators through a slide in a smelly pit of darkness that opens up one the code was put in. The Creators, who are a bunch of scientists in lab coats, were at the end. They were shocked at the number of teenagers who made it through the maze alive. Then woman Creator, with the word “wicked” on her suit coat, walks out with one other Glader. This is how I imagine Teresa, because she has pale skin and blue eyes. This is how I imagine Gally, especially because he has an odd-shaped nose. This is what I think Newt looks like. I think Alby looks like this. The events that build up on each other up to reach the climax of the story. They figure out that the Glader is Gally who is crazy and had threatened to kill Thomas before when they were all in the Maze. Gally pulled out a dagger and lunged at Thomas. Chuck dove in front of the knife and the blade hit his chest and killed him. Thomas is so angry, because he had promised beforehand to save Chuck and bring him home. Then he beats up Gally. The lady in the suit says “all things happen for a purpose” and all of a sudden a group of adults burst through the doors with guns screaming. This mob of people tackle the woman with the “wicked” coat and shoot at the Creators. This unknown group of adult rescuers shoot through doors as they leave the building and guide the kids to a bus. One of the rescuers sitting next to Thomas on the bus, explain about the dark days, which were a time when extreme solar flares occured scorching Earth's surface. This lead to terrible devastation. They are on the bus for two hours before they stop at a safe house. There are bars on all the windows to keep the 19 boys and one girl safe. They all feel safer than they have since arriving at the Maze. That evening Thomas and Teresa talk telepathically for a long time trying to figure out how they were connected before arriving at the Maze. The most intense, exciting, or important part of a story. Definition The sequence of events that follow the climax, and lead to the resolution. Definition Definition Figurative Language Slides: Setting Slides: Plot Slides: Theme and Resolution Slides: Man vs Self pg. 111 ~ Thomas sees Minho struggling to get Alby back into the glade and knows they won't make it back in time without help, because the doors have already started to close. Thomas knows you aren't supposed to go into the glade during the night, but he knows that it would be morally wrong to just leave them there. Newt, Minho, and Chuck are trying to tell Thomas not to go in the maze, but Thomas thinks that's wrong. So he makes a quick decision to go out and help them, right as the doors close. Man vs Man pg. 126 ~ Thomas has to survive the maze. This is man vs man because at the end of the book you find out humans created the maze. Also, the "creators" were probably also controlling the beetle blades and making them report to the grievers so they would know where Thomas was. Also the beetle blades and the grievers were created by the "creators". Also, at the beginning when the doors had just closed Thomas and Minho were fighting. Thomas didn't really know anything about the maze and wanted Minho to tell him, but Minho was scared so he got really mad at Thomas for trying to figure out their situation. Man vs Society pg. 152 ~ After Thomas and Minho survive the maze all of the Gladers are either really mad at Thomas, or think he's the best person in the world. So the Keepers call a meeting to decide what they should do with Thomas. The Keepers are the leaders of the Glade. They decide to put Thomas in jail for one day, because he broke one of their main laws, then they make him a runner because he proved himself. P - Plot *Note: Some of our books had different page numbers than each other's. (I used this picture as a reference, but I didn't copy it: http://tzuiassassian.deviantart.com/art/The-Glade-sketch-243744621) The Glade picture is a drawing by Sam http://www.glogster.com/nichollet/the-maze-runner/g-6n83jguutari5opc3pe99a0 Griever http://gubblyn.deviantart.com/art/The-Griever-259820862 http://mazerunnerfandom.net/author/princessleiagoespink/page/2/ Imagery:
“Burning blue eyes darted back and forth as she took deep breaths,” (57).
"...and her hair was tar black," (55). Foreshadowing:“He didn’t know what the ultimate picture would be, but his next words felt like they were coming from someone else, ‘Chuck, I… I think I’ve been here before,’” (35). Similie:
“An onrushing sense of claustrophobia stifled him, compressed his lungs, as if water filled their cavities,” (28).
"The night dragged on, the heavy sense of anticipation like a weight on his chest," (293). Metaphor:“A man is but a weak reed,” Metaphor:“A man is but a weak reed,” Found at http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/metaphor Alliteration: “Once upon a midnight dreary while I pondered weak and weary...rare and radiant maiden.” “Once upon a midnight dreary while I pondered weak and weary...rare and radiant maiden,” Found at: http://examples.yourdictionary.com/examples-of-alliteration-poems.html Onomatopoeia:
“Buh-bump buh-Bump, buh-bump. Still alive,” (119).
An echoing boom rumbled across the glade as all four doors sealed shut for the night," (29). S-Setting Loyal Chuck is a loyal friend because he stays friends with Thomas until the end. He always tries to work things out with Thomas, and trusts him with his secrets. At the end Chuck sacrifices his life for Thomas when Gally throws the knife at Thomas. A illistration of Thomas's first night in the maze This is what we think the creator's lab looks like http://www.testex.com/en/news/archive/archive-list/detail/article//umbau-des-ke.html?isMobile=1 C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C-Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character C - Character P-Plot P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P-Plot P-Plot P P P WICKED WICKED WICKED WI P-Plot T-Theme: I think the theme of the story maze runner is never give up hope, even if the situation seems hopeless. Through out the story Thomas is always creating unrealistic goals for himself, such as becoming a runner, but he never gave up hope and accomplished his dream. Also, the day Thomas woke up to find the sun was no longer in the sky and the Grievers picking them off one by one, he didn't give up. In fact the situation gave him hope that it was now or never to escape the maze. He even formulated a plan to escape, "So I was going to get stung by a Griever. Go through the Changing. On purpose," (255). He never gave up hope and saw even the dullest situations as opportunities to succeed. Resolution The main conflict of the story was Thomas trying to figure a way out of the maze. This problem was resolved when Thomas purposely went through the Changing to remember how to shut off the maze. Thomas, Teresa, and Chuck, along with a small army of Glader's, fought off the Grievers and were able to shut off the maze. The survivors all slide down a secret passage and out of the maze. After that they found themselves in a strange lab, but "rebels" broke in and started shooting at people. These people explained that the world is in a terrible state and get all the Glader's back to a peaceful house. Here they are assigned to rooms, bursting with color, yellow walls, green and red beds, and the Glader's are at peace with the familiarity of the bed rooms. They are finally out of the maze, safe and sound. For now... http://www.colefacts.com/dearkids-active-and-attractive-kids-room-designs/colorful-kids-room-design-in-red-yellow-and-green/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/scholz/galleries/72157626735454613 Personification:
“Each step groaned and creaked under his weight…” (19).
"The shadows from the walls had lengthened considerably, already creeping up the sides of the ivy-covered faces on the other side," (22). P-Plot P-Plot P-Plot C C C The location where the story takes place. Setting can describe when the story takes place, and also describes the location in great detail, using multiple senses. (Example: the air here smells of...)
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