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Customer Mapping

No description

Caroline Liu

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Customer Mapping

Companies providing tourism related services Personal travel guides
E-books or e-magazines for Asian Travel and Food
Travel insurance companies
International Banks
Logistic companies
Tourism Chinese course or books
Smartphone applications for travelers
Bicycle or car rental companies: Travel agencies and institutions Online travel agencies Who could be our customer? Travel agencies and institutions
Local companies providing travel services
Tourism consuming spots
Visual audio Programs
Events, projects and theme parks International airlines All the airlines that have destination in Chinese cities: Hotel Chains locates in China Such as:
Holiday Inn,
Shangri La,
Hyatt Hotels,
Days Inn Hotels,
sinohotel.com Tourism Shopping and consuming spots for GBtimes Travel and Food sub-pages Potential customer Mapping Local travel agencies and institutions Examples:
www.cits.net Tourism Bureau in different Chinese regions (34 Provincial administrative regions )
Finnish travel agencies, who normally organize the trip and help travelers get Chinese Visa and Insurance and etc. Example: KILROY, TEMAMATKA etc. Top airlines: Qatar, Asianan, Emirates, etc.
China: China Air, Hainan Airlines, Nan fang Airlines, etc.
European: Top European carriers operating to/ from China (Lufthansa, air France, KLM, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, British airways, Finnair) European Top 3:
Lufthansa: Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenyang
Air France: Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai Pudong
KLM: Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai Pudong, Xiamen Clothing Shopping malls Other services Visual audio Programs Special Events, projects and theme parks Erdos Cashmere, Omnialuo, Xiangyunsha Silk, Qi Pao makers, etc. Shanghai Xintiandi, Plaza 66 Night clubs: Mao music house
Photos-hooting studios
SPA chains Well-made Chinese documentaries: Forbidden city 100, A bite of China Programs or Channels Popular English cooking program: Qing Hehua.com Panda guardian angel
Angry Birds Park
Disney land in Hong Kong Brands Industrial companies:
automation companies, mobile devices companies, home application and other consuming Brands Media home applications, Hua Wei Mobile, ZTE Mobile, etc. Food and Beverage Companies:
Chinese wine, white spirit, beer, spices, festival food, tea, popular restaurant, traditional dim sum chains etc. International youngster programs http://www.nextstepchina.org/ general traveling booking, advising sites
specialized in visiting China Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies Travel equipments and kitchen wears Cameras, suit cases, sunglasses, Huili (warrior shoes) etc.
Tojiro knives, Jing dezhen China, etc. Shanghai international art festival Spe.2013 TCM Association
Liangzi massage chain,
Chinese medicine,
Meng Shi Acupuncture Restaurants & Coffee & Tea houses Shangdao Cafe, Hai Di Lao hotpot chain, Chinese Fast Food chains International hotel chains
Popular local hotel chains
Hotel Booking pages Wu Liangye, Kweichow Mao Tai, Changyu, Yunnan Pu’er Tea festivals Caroline Liu Chang. 10.12.2012 How to proceed Open position for travel destinations

A Chinese Map with 'hotspots'

Every customer can be cataloged by regions

In each destination, there are information related to travel, Food, lifestyles, etc. Thank you for your attention ! Sales offers Interview,
Air times,
Blog series
Project sponsorship
Website ads. avischina our audiences = their potential customers
Willing to get more publicity
Growth well
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