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War Horse

No description

Valeria Chinea Rodríguez

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of War Horse

A Steven Spielberg film Jeremy Irvine
(Albert) Actors & actresses Jeremy Irvine
(Albert Narracott) Joey Emily Watson
(Rose Narracott) Peter Mullan
(Ted Narracott) Matt Milne
(Andrew) David Thewlis
(Lyons) Benedict Cumberbatch
(Major Stewart) Toby Kebbell
(Geordie) Geoff Bell
(Sergeant Sam Perkins) Tom Hiddleston
(Capitain Nicholls) Patrick Kenned
(Lieutenant Waverley) Niels Arestrup
(The grandfather) Celine Buckens
(Emilie) Six Oscar nominations Country: USA Distribution: Touchstone Pictures Languages: spanish, english, french & german Main data... Title: War Horse Director: Steven Spielberg Script: Richard Curtis Year: 2011 Type: drama Duration: 146 minutes Producer: DreamWorks Studios History When the horse grows, is captured to be sold at auction.
Ted, the Albert's father, buys the horse and takes him home. Albert trains the horse, he called Joey, to work the earth and to be mounted. Albert's family goes bankrupt and have to sell the horse to war, but Albert refuses to leave his horse and he volunteered for war, but denied the request for be minor. Joey is assigned to be the horse of Captain Nichols, who cares until it dies. Albert receives the news and think Joey is dead, but the horse is alive, now working to carry weapons. Albert wants to be sure that his friend is alive, so he go to war. The army is attacked and Joey and other horse escapes. The horses come to a farmhouse where they live Emilie and her grandfather. Albert sees the birth of a foal and watches him growth in free, with his mother. Emilie and Joey comes to riding, but some soldiers who were in that area come and take away the two horses. Joey and another horse, Topthorn, again bring heavy artillery, and Topthorm dies. Joey is attacked by a tank, so run to get caught in wire. A soldier rescues, but the animal is very hurt. Moves to army vet and he sends him to sacrifice. When they are about to shoot, Albert makes they stop. Explaining that he bred the horse, the army gives it. When the war ends, Albert and Joey return home. Soundtrack: John Williams THE END TRAILER By Valeria Chinea Rodríguez. My opinion This isn't my favourite film, but I love it. In my opinion is a fantastic movie about the friendship between a horse and a people. I choose this film because I love horses too. I never get tired of waching this movie.
In my opinion the story should have been about a unicorn instead of a horse, but I forgive its.
I recommend this movie.
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