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Walt Disney

No description

Fredilyn Villarin

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Walt Disney

Key Characteristics December 5, 1901 – 
December 15, 1966 Disney Who? 1901 December 5 1918 at age 16 Joined the army as
an ambulance driver Developed a love for drawing at a very young age the largest media corporation in the world in terms of revenue. Visionary and Coaching leadership style 1919 Back to Kansas While working for an advertisement company, Walt met longtime friend and associate, Ub Iwerks The two got laid off, and decided to start their own company Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists They both then got jobs with the Kansas City Film Ad Company, where Disney first learned about animation. 1922 Disney then once again tried his luck with his own business. But this time, in the field of animation. Disney put an ad in the newspaper requesting artists who wanted to learn animation to come work for him 1923 Disney had great ideas for his cOmpany, but he was far from the best businessman. He left Kansas City to try his luck in Hollywood. With all the money he had left and a little help from his brother Roy. ...1923 Disney opened the Disney Brothers Studio together with brother Roy in California Steamboat Willie Minnie Mouse Donald Duck Goofy Pluto Silly Symphonies 1929 Iwerks, as well as most of the Disney staff left to work for Pat Powers, owner of Celebrity Pictures, which was a part of Universal Motion Picture Company 1930 Walt Disney stayed with this company
and found another distributor 1932 Received his first academy award for his
short production, Flowers and trees Walt Disney holds the record for most Academy Awards and nominations than any other human in history. Having won 22 awards out of 59 nominations. Including 4 honorary Academy Awards. 1933 Created The Tree Little Pigs amidst the Great Depression,
which resulted with the title song
"Who's afraid of the big bad wolf"
to be the theme for the country
during this dark period 1937
Disney decided to make the the first ever animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs And sure enough, it was a giant success! Three-strip Technicolor Snow White started the golden-age of animation for Walt Disney Studios.

They went on to create classics such as... 1940 After the success that was Snow White, Walt expanded his company and built the 51 acre studio complex in Burbank, California. 1940's-... Creative, Artistic and innovative



Man of Integrity Risk taker


Humble 1955 Televised opening of Disneyland “I’m gonna have a park like this someday, but mine’s gonna be clean.” Short Summary Just months
later, the
bankruptcy 1924 Acquired a New York distributor
to release one of his series, Alice Comedies. 1927 Disney decided to end the Alice Comedies, and signed a contract with Universal Studios leading to the creation of Oswald the lucky rabbit 1928 Charles Mintz hired away most of Disney's animators
after Disney refused to negotiate a fair contract in order to force Disney to work for him, saying Universal Studios owned all of Disney’s creations Disney together with Iwerks, who was his only loyal animator, went on to develop another character featured animated mouse
first cartoon to feature a fully
post-produced soundtrack Two-story-tall
multi-plane camera Fantasound Cinemascope First regular color
TV program -all the way to the audio-animatronic
robots made famous with Disneyland

That's a lot of innovation!
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