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Man-made vs. Natural Structures

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Michelle Wong

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Man-made vs. Natural Structures

Where do animals live? Structures and Homes Bees Live in Beehives Beehives are made out of beeswax. They are called honeycombs and they store food and eggs. They are also houses for the bees made by the bees. Birds Live in Nests What materials is this bird's nest made out of? Beavers Live in Dams What materials are beaver dams made out of?

Is it a structure?

Is it man-made or natural? Are beehives a structure? Are they man-made or natural? Is this nest a structure? Is it man-made or natural? Birds build their nests, lay their eggs and raise their babies. Birds weave sticks, grass and other materials they can find. Some nests can be in trees and some can be on the floor. Beavers cut down trees and stack them together like a cabin to make their dams. Where Do We Live? Can you name the structures you live in?

What are they made out of?

Are they man-made or natural? Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down Thumbs up if this is a natural structure and thumbs down if this is a man-made structure. What other natural structures do you know? What other man-made structures do you know?
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