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Niko Arranz

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By Niko Arranz
Junior Scholar of NYC iSchool
This year in the scholar program,
I experienced...
Workshops and Studio Tours
College Field Trips
Designer Internships
Boston Trip
Blueprint for our Harlem Community Garden
Part of Portfolio Redesign project
Photo from Harlem tour
Local Project whiteboard contraption
Local Project interactive museum
Video icons for WNYC
Submissions for NY Times Co-Ed Article
The entrance of the sculpture studios
Student museum
A MassArt printing studio
Me (taking a photo of something)
Interior Design workshop with Blanche Garcia
Tour with Oscar Lopez
Thank you.
Pre-Internship Portfolio
Designer Internship with

Streaming icons for WNYC
Photos of

OPEN studio
Ideas for Hudson Square Campaign
National icon for WNYC
Portfolio Redesign Fair projects
Fashion workshop with Ayse Birsel
Boston Museum of Fine Art exhibit
Streaming icons for WNYC
Final fire-escape route for Gates Hall
Draft of fire-escape routes for Gates Hall
Streaming icons for WNYC
• Cooper-Hewitt
• OPEN (notclosed.com)
• paintmeplaid.com
• scientopia.org
• www.forbes.com

Special thanks to: Halima J., David P. and Jessica N.
Scott Stowell and everyone else in OPEN
and anyone else who helped.
A metal guitar in Boston

that's my Cooper-Hewitt Experience of this year.
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