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enjoi man

Enjoi man

Torian Jones

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of enjoi man

buddhdism the who started buddhism is siddartha guatama
he was now commonly know as the buddha when siddartha guatama was a
child he lived in a big pallace every once in a while he
would leave the pallace the
pallace to go
to town siddartha was in the worrior class when buddha set out to find
he shaved his head buddha walked through
out the woods
and there he found a
tree and he sat under
it for a week quote#1 the tongue
is like a sharp
knife it kills withoutdrawing
blood quote#2 do not dwell
in the past, do not dream about
the future, focuss on the present when buddha started to travel he saw a tree and he sat under it and began meditating he stayed under that tree for a weeks time period when buddha awoke
from his meditation
he said he was not hindu
or muslim alas he found
enlightment this is when he was under
that tree remeber this is a panda
(favorite pet) this is when he cut his hair!dude! quote#4 a jug fill drop by drop quote#4 this is the buddha
hand fruit the study of buddhism
is about find enlightment in
life most of buddhist live in eatsern india
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