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Time Management

No description

Roberto Alvarado

on 24 August 2017

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Transcript of Time Management

Awareness Check
I put off an assignment if it seems to difficult
I putt off an assignment if completing it will take a lot of time.
I put off studying if I don't like the subject
I put off studying if I'm not in the mood.
I put off writing an essay if I don't know how to begin.
I put off studying for a test if I don't know what the test will cover.
I put off studying if I get hungry
I put off studying if I am too tired
I put off studying if I don't feel well
I put off studying if there is something else I'd rather do.
How to Improve Time Management
Long Term Plan
Create a semester schedule.
Monthly Schedule
Always know what is coming up in any given month.
Weekly Schedule
Plan your work load each week.
Daily Schedule/To-do List
Adjust your plan each day
or a not to do list!
What it really comes down to . . .



Time = Money
Making Your Schedule Work
Identify the best time of the day to study for you.
Study Difficult/boring subjects first.
Use the same place to study every time.
Use the library or find your own study spot.
Avoid distractions.
Use waiting time.
Say NO!
Treat school as a full time job. Make school a priority
Reward Yourself!!! :)

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Where does time go?
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