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BR Intermediate U8 Working Together

No description

Go English Live

on 6 July 2015

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Transcript of BR Intermediate U8 Working Together

What are we going to learn?
Look at the teams below...talk about pros and cons
Vocabulary extra
You have to work closely with other chefs, waiters and dishwashers
Presenting and discussing plans...
Encouraging people...
Working Together
What skills do they need to succeed?
Unit 8
Team Work
How Important is teamwork where you work?
Basketball team..
Using Will, going to, and modal verbs
To talk about goals
Get a promotion
Meet a deadline
Make a profit
Be more efficient
Get a raise
I prefer to work with people who are different from me.
What about you ?
Yeah, Because I like being challenged and I like learning
You have to be a team player not a ball hog.
When we work together it is for our mutual benefit.
Stock broker
We have to take responsibility for that deal
Describing people at work
Hard working or quiet?
Methodical or friendly?
Team player or no special skills?
Good communication or good presentation skills
Angry and aggressive or creative and artistic?
Would rather
When we want to tell someone what our preference is.
I would rather go out then stay in.
I'd rather go out then stay in.
Personal relationships
Working space
Likely and pretty?
He is likely to get a promotion because he works the hardest.
I'm pretty sure I'll get a raise this month.
Plans and Intentions
We're also going to expand the company.
George is going to conduct interviews for new candidates today.
Key Expressions
Expressing future hopes and expectations
We expect to
We hope to
I plan to
I intend to
the chances are
It is likely that
make a profit this year.
outsource some functions to India.
make him our Senior VP.
start a joint venture with Tom.
we will not go bankrupt.
we will join forces with a bigger firm.
Our goal is to use different expressions that mean the same thing.
Time expressions
How much time is needed
Immediate Action
Time expressions
How long will it take to roll out our new business model?
Where does this leave us?
Over the next few weeks I expect to see results.
By the end of next month we will have doubled in size.
By Tuesday the reports should be completed.
In the short term we will have layoffs.
In the long run we will expand at a faster rate.
Grammar Review
Future going to and will
Adding extra info
By the way you should get here early.
Incidentally, I can't work on Friday.
The end
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