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Copy of STAAR Expository Essay

Expository Essay and EOC Review

Bonnie Breen

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of STAAR Expository Essay

Grab the reader's attention in the beginning of the story It's okay to keep it SIMPLE, but stick to the prompt! End with bzzt Kablam POWER ON You MUST end with something powerful. Now,
you have
to make a decision. THE So what else should I study? END of COURSE Review of Short Answers, Literary Essays, and Expository Essays Let's take a look . . . What's on the EOC? Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 reading writing multiple choice
short answer multiple choice understand and analyze texts across genres understand and analyze literary texts understand and analyze informational texts multiple choice write a literary text
write an expository text THREE essays revise a variety of texts edit a variety of texts multiple choice multiple choice AND it's TIMED: 4 hours only WAIT ! WAIT ! Is this a race No! (except for this guy!) Pay attention this is designed to help. essayS You'll write THREE essays as part of the EOC. + a literary text (this is a STORY)
+ an expository text (this one EXPLAINS)
You will write two of one! How do you write a good literary essay? Glad you asked! Here are some tips to solid writing: It's important to put your reader right into the middle of the action!
You don't have much room to write- don't waste any space with extraneous details! ideas to begin with + use IMAGERY
+ use dialogue
+ use CONCRETE details
+ be specific even the SMALLEST detail can be exciting It is one week from today! Don't force dialogue or use too much of it! Only use it with purpose and intent! You only get ONE page for the whole essay.

Make your point as concisely as possible.

EVERY word should do WORK. DON'T needlessly embellish your work. Don't get too WORDY. Make sure to RESPOND to the prompt. Are you being as clear as possible? REVIEW your work before submitting. (NOBODY's work is perfect the first time. I checked this Prezi more than 10 times before I shared it with others- and I'm not getting a grade.) Come up with a HOOK statement to start
your introduction paragraph. Be confident and write as if you are the expert. The reader understands
that this is "your opinion" and "what you think." Don't point it out.
JUST WRITE THE THESIS STATEMENT. AWESOME. powerful ways to conclude: + what did you learn?
+ what was the moral?
+ revisit key details + sometimes, the most powerful finish is a change... in perspective Books A good short answer response needs TWO things: + an ANSWER: you need to answer the question FIRST + EVIDENCE: you need to SHOW your answer can be proved in the text + COMMENTARY: so what? why does this matter? (a response without these two components will fail) literary terms THINGS TO STUDY! THEME how/when to use punctuation tone author's purpose subject-verb agreement fragments and run-ons audience figurative language reading strategies test-taking strategies short story expository essay good luck! each day ? You MUST have a believable character .

Will your reader be
interested in your

Choose your
TRAITS carefully! Your characters must face an obstacle or problem THEN It must be RESOLVED! DON'T FORGET to be creative! BONUS: How do you write a good expository essay? It's easy! Let's look at a sample prompt: Read their stimulus (in a box). Read their think statement. Read the prompt. YOU answer the prompt? How will NO essay should be one long paragraph. Organize your work in your test booklet, or ask your testing teacher for scratch paper! EDIT your
paragraph after writing. So, you figured out your THESIS. NOW WHAT? Decide the two examples that you will use to support your prompt. Each example will be a DIFFERENT body paragraph. Your examples can B-HIP! B P I H People Imagine History Use transitional phrases Indent your paragraphs People matter first. At the end of the day, everybody relying on each other to do the right thing makes the world go around. If everyone thought of each other's needs before their own, together we can get through this thing called life. Men and women acting for everybody's well-being rather than for their own material needs creates a more positive society.
The owner and founder of TOM's shoes uses his business not for just a living, but for a cause. For every pair of TOMS shoes a customer buys, another pair goes to the feet of a child who does not own a pair of shoes. The founder could have kept every penny of his profits for his gain, but instead shares it with children who need it more than him. This is an example of someone using their assets for others to create a more positive world for the lives of the children receiving the shoes.
Furthermore, Michael J. Fox, a successful actor, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Having enough money from his film career to survive and live comfortably with Parkinson's, Michael chose to use his famous credentials to push the fight for a cure. Helping not only himself, but other victims and patients of Parkinson's who are less famous and wealthy. This is another example of someone looking out for others to create a positive hope in the world.
These and many other examples illustrate how the mind frame of serving others before themselves benefits us all in the end. EXAMPLE Here's an What was good about the essay? Remember that you will have ONE short answer that is a crossover question, which means that you will need to provide TWO quotations- one for each of the stories that the question asks you about! THis is what you will focus your essay on! Although many people work to benefit themselves, some people choose to put others first. Think carefully about this statement.

Write an essay explaining why people should be more concerned about others than about themselves.

Be sure to —
•clearly state your thesis
•organize and develop your ideas effectively
•choose your words carefully
•edit your writing for grammar, mechanics, and spelling
In 1955 medical researcher Jonas Salk introduced an effective polio vaccine. At the time polio was considered the biggest threat to public health, yet Salk refused to profit by patenting the vaccine because he was more concerned with preventing disease than with personal gain.
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