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Science Proves There Is No God....Nuh Uh.

Scientific evidence supporting the existence of God.

Bobby Mooney

on 19 September 2010

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Transcript of Science Proves There Is No God....Nuh Uh.

Science Proves There
Is No God....Nuh Uh. A Man and His Glasses Worldview The lens through
which you preceive
the world. The Truth is
Knowable The opposite of
true is false A boy and
his journey The Evidence But They Say There is no absolute truth Are you absolutely certain of that? What about all the
war in the name of God? Murders in the "name of Christ" The Crusades of the Middle Ages - 133,000 lives
The Spanish Inquisition - 31,912 lives
"Witches" killed - approx. 30,000 lives
Total over 264,000 lives Murders in the name of Darwin Campaigns that used,
or misused, Darwinian theory The Holocaust - 11 million lives
Atheistic Communism - approx. 100 million lives
If there was a God why
would he allow so much
evil in the world? Evil is a result of free-will Evil has been dealt with The Universe is Fine-Tuned The Code of Life Molecular Machines Human Consiousness The Universe Has a Begining The Expansion Rate of The Universe The universe has a begining
Whatever begins has a cause
The universe has a cause The Force of Gravity "The machine code of the genes
is uncannily computer-like"
-Richard Dawkins
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