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Carbon Cycle

RS. Freisen

Leevi Heckman

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Carbon Cycle

Double click anywhere & add an idea Carbon Cycle and Its Effects The Carbon Cycle
Carbon is in every living thing on Earth. It has tight bonds with other elements. For example it bonds with oxygen to make CO2. When it bonds it stores energy. When we break those bonds we are harnessing that energy. We use that energy to power our phones, houses, cars, and other electronics. Carbon The Effects of Carbon If you dont know, carbon isn't exactly great for our atmosphere. When it gets into the atmosphere, it stays there. After a while, when sun rays hit the earth and bounce of back into space, it can't because the carbon is blocking it, keeping the heat trapped on earth. After a while, the earth will heat up. This is known as global warming. Lately, the polar ice has been melting leaving polar bears trapped and even killed because there environment is depleting. What Carbon Does
Carbon is an element. It has 6 electrons. So, it always wants to bond with something else. It usually always bonds with two oxygen. This creates CO2, which is what is causing global warming. It can be dissolved in water. Places like the ocean or rivers. When it rains, it pushes large amounts of CO2 down into the water and dissolves it. Another way we can reduce carbon is trees. They absorb the CO2 and the by product is the oxygen we breathe. Carbon is also found in rocks, shells, and fossil fuels. To Stop Global Warming Carbon dioxide (CO2) is creating global warming. We can help slow down or even prevent global warming by using reusable clothe bags to carry groceries in instead of plastic bags. We can carpool instead of using more cars that produce more carbon dioxide. Also you can buy local foods so big trucks dont go around poluting the air. Use water from the tap instead of buying the plastic bottles. If you are vacationing, ask the hotel not to bring you a clean towel everyday. When you want to go somewhere, use public transport. There are alot of easy steps to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air. We can sacrafice a little freedom to do good to Mother Earth.
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