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Human Interaction with the Rock Cycle

No description

on 6 January 2019

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Transcript of Human Interaction with the Rock Cycle

Human Interaction with the Rock Cycle
Uses of Certain Rocks
Positive Impact
Direct Employment:
Working in Pits & Quarries.



Indirect Employment:

E.g construction
250,000 people

Carrara Italy
Export white & grey-blue marble all around the world.
Irish Economy
Quarrying has an important impact on the irish economy. According to recent figures from Health and safety Authorities, there are approx 10,000 people employed in quarries in Ireland. Irish quarries produce about 35 million tonnes of produce annually. Quarrying and mining in Ireland generated over 1 billion to the Irish economy
Negative Impacts of Quarrying
1. What is the economical value of Rocks?

2. Examine one interaction in detail

What is the Economic value of Rocks
Recreational Value


Decoration Pieces

Construction material


Energy Sources
Economic Value of Rock
The extraction of rocks from large pits on the earth's surface
Quarrying in Ireland
Methods of Quarrying
Used to extract large slabs of
Sedimentary Rock

of rock are required for flooring.

This involves drilling holes in rock and pushing wedges in between the
bedding planes.
Plug & Feather
A method (using machinery) used to separate blocks from the bed

Metamorphic rocks such as marble use this method.
Common method

Used for extracting blocks of rock for cement or concrete.

Limestone: chippings/fertilizer.
Basalt: Road Chippings

Sand: Glass

Roofing: Slate

Heating: Oil & Gas

Pottery: China Clay
Uses of certain types of Rock
The Quinn Group
Roadstone Quarries
400 active Quarry Pits in Ireland

Provide raw materials

Taj Mahal, India
The Pantheon, Rome
Renaissance Sculpture
Human Interaction with the Rock cycle
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