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Relational Dialectics

No description

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of Relational Dialectics

Relational Dialectics
Theorists First...
Leslie Baxter

Barbara Montgomery
: dynamic interplay between unified oppositions

Interdependent, yet negate.

Relationships are always in flux; only certainty is change.

Tensions= Opportunity; constructive; unavoidable
3 Dialectics in Relationships
Closeness Autonomy
Certainty Novelty
Openness Privacy

3 Dialectics in Relationships
Integration and Separation

Internal: Connection---Autonomy

External: Inclusion---Seclusion
"Social life is a dynamic
knot of contradictions,
a ceaseless interplay
between contrary or
opposing tendencies."
: no universal laws for lovers and/or friends
Only part of the story
Stability and Change
Internal: Certainty---Uncertainty

External: Conventionality---Uniqueness
BuzzFeed article...

Sacrifice and Identity


Internal: Openness---Closedness

External: Revelation---Concealment
Discussion Board Assignment:

What's a 4th dialectical tension?
RDT 2.0: A Dialogic Perspective
Five Dialogic Strands:

Mikhail Bakhtin
Without dialogue, there is no relationship.
Dialogue as Constitutive
Dialogue as Utterance Chains
Dialogue as Dialectical Flux
Dialogue as Aesthetic Moment
Dialogue as Critical Sensibility

: Communication IS relationships
What are the differences that make a difference?
Self-disclosure is about more than realizing similarities
Utterance Chain
: Building Block of Meaning
: Your move
in a conversation. (Building
blocks of meaning-making)

Utterance Chain
: Embedding
that utterance in others you
have heard in the past and
anticipate in the future.

Cultural ideologies, relational history, not-yet-spoken responses, normative eval of 3rd party.
Dialogue as Dialectical Flux
It's messy- Jazz vs. Normal Chorus
Unpredictable...backwards, forwards, up, down, sideways...erratic.

New Understanding of People
Community of Agreement
Clarification of Values
Reform of Society
Aesthetic Appeal
Dialogue as Aesthetic Moment--
Creating Unity in Diversity
"A momentary sense of unity through a profound respect for the disparate voices in dialogue"
A joint performance in which competing voices in everyday life are brought together simultaneously
Doesn't last; can't be sustained
Magic moment; support you through turbulence
Dialogue as Critical Sensibility:
A Critique of Dominant Voices
Obligation to critique dominant voices
We must not ignore the voices of others in close relationships
Partners are not objects of influence
Externally, must advocate
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