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What makes a star?

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of What makes a star?

What makes a star.
What does a star look like?
A stars are a huge ball of fire, The fire is from a constant number of nuclear-reaction and they (a star) are also a ball of plasma.
What forms the galaxy?
The thousand's of stars form the whole galaxy, stars are the objects that heat and light the planets in a system, Because of the ball of fire(wich is a star).
How do u know how old a star is?
What makes a star?
By: Elber E. Vasquez
Elber vasquez
Stars are born from huge clouds of gas and dust. Stars are usually made of Hydrogen and Helium and all of them require a spark of ignition to become a real star.
You can kind of figure out how old a star is by simply knowing the tempeture of that star, just like living organism's stars have a life cycle.
How do stars die?
After the main sequence stars become what astronomers call a Red Giant, this is the time when the stars begins to die. As with anything in nature stars need fuel. There's only so much hydrogen to fuel a stars fusion reaction.
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