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How about no paper?

How does no paper sound in your class

Cassidy W

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of How about no paper?

How about no paper in your class room? Web 2.O Prezi, this is a sight where you get to design and write about a prject or something like that. blog There are 6 basic things in a blog
Post(the entry)
The side bar
About the author
wiki The main wiki page and then you have a side bar a history tape.search what you want to learn Podcast/webcast Is taking from the word iPod-broadcast and it can be listen to from any computer you can go iTunes and pod zinger Twitter use 140 letters to tell what your not getting in class or about what you just read on your class twitter page. R.S.S Flickr Pandora Cloud computing online bookmarks And example of clound computing is when your caring around breaking you back you can be letting us and you care around a laptop. so we are using everything we have from the second grade on the cloud instead of papers we turn in that you have to keep track of. A new one is called pageflakes.com this website can show you about RSS and how it works. It does it for you like when you have someone read it for you or someone do everything for you. wouldnt that be great? How can you use this in school? When you have a teacher that talks about social studies and you want to find musuic that goes alone with that there you go..find a song tha has to do with the civil war. example is when your going out to eat and you forgot where this place is you can log on to your book marks and find it or if you lose something on line important put it on you online bookmarks and keep it forever. How you can use it at school? well, when you have that civil war project you want to do you can add a photo and share it to your teacher so you can.
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