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Vimeo: Essential Marketing Tool

No description

Angela Cook

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Vimeo: Essential Marketing Tool

Vimeo: Essential Marketing Tool
How Can a Brand
Use Vimeo as a Marketing Tool?

Educate Your Audience with D.I.Y. Videos
Maltes Kitchen
Share Stories and Information That is Relevant to The Brand's Audience
Whole Foods Market does this very well on their Vimeo Channel, Dark Rye.
Bring the Brand to Life. Tell its Story.
Support the Theme of a Marketing Campaign
From Lincoln Motor Company's "Hello Again" brand reinvention campaign
Whole Foods Features a Unique Artist
Whole Foods
Features Green Company
What is Vimeo?
Vimeo is an online social media content community geared towards
film enthusiasts.
The typical Vimeo user is...
Users Can:
Is easy to Use
Has a clean and simple design
Is socially integrated and mobile optimized
Is free of ads
Watch, like, and share others' videos
Follow channels and people of interest
Customize member profile and settings
Share videos across other
social media channels
Upload and share original videos
Vimeo User Demographics
Aged 20 - 35
Tech savvy
Socially influential
Appreciative of art, especially film
Vimeo Overview
Just for ironic fun!
Vimeo sounds nice...
But why should a brand use video
as part of its IMC strategy?
Brag on Your Brand with Customer Testimonials
Lincoln Motor Company
Yoga World Studios
Lincoln Motor Company
Lincoln Motor Company
Highlight the Brand's
Community Involvement
Make The Brand Human and Relatable by Featuring Employees / Team Members
(Custom Bikes)
Vimeo Is a Powerful Tool
That Can Help Brands:
Be seen
Be real
Make emotional connections with their audiences
Be relevant
Be transparent
Be heard
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