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Enjoyed the summer? It's time to get back to business! This Prezi is specially created by Prezzip for Prezi community. Feel free to re-use!


on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of UNIT 10 QUALITY

Thanks for listening
The "H" team
Are our products still competitive?
Lê Nguyễn Minh Hân
Hồ Thị Hồng
Cao Thị Kiều Hoa
Huỳnh Thế Hùng
unit 10
it's time
to play
a game!
The "H" TEAM
separate elements
Useful language
Enjoyed the summer? It's time to get back to business! This Prezi is specially created by Prezzip for the UK Prezi community. Feel free to re-use!
created by

1. Quote
"Quality is remembered long
after the price is forgotten"
Gucci family Slogan
is the standard of a product or a service
is the amount of money that you have to pay for something.
Quality is about meeting the minimum standard to satisfy customer needs.
Quality is the result of:
- intention
- effort
- intelligent direction
- skillful execution.
Quality is the
decisive factor
1. Quote
2. Useful language
3. Activity
Poor service
High price
Good service
High price
- a multinational company
You should choose high-quality products which are affordable.
Complaining and Dealing with complaints on the phone
Dealing with complaints
1. Making the complaints
I’m ringing to complain about the DVD Player.
I’m sorry, but I’m not satisfied with…
2. Showing understanding
Oh dear! Sorry to hear that.
Mmm, I see what you mean.

4. Explaining the problem
The eject mechanism doesn't work.
We haven’t received the …
3. Getting the facts
Could you give me some details, please?
What’s the problem exactly?
Dealing with complaints
5. Making excuses/denying responsibility
6. Insisting
I’m afraid that’s not quite right.
It’s not our policy to replace items.
I’d like to know why...
It really isn’t good enough.
7. Threatening
If you don’t replace the product, I’ll complain to the manager.
If you can’t deliver on time, we’ll have to contact other suppliers.
8. Promising action
I’ll check the details and get back to you.
OK, I’ll look into it right away.
Quality > Price
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